Friday Roundup: What It Means For DJs To Grow Old

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

Friday Roundup
For highly respected and influenital DJs like Jose Padilla picture here, what does it mean to grow old as a DJ? Find out in this week’s Friday Roundup, alongside other curated material.

Our Friday Roundup’s filled to the brim this week – we’ve got 25 game-changing DJ mixes, a piece that takes a look at influential DJs past their 40s, articles that investigate the sharp decline in nightclubs in the UK, and a handy guide on how to decipher your favourite DJ’s body language behind the decks. All that and more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  1. 25 Greatest Internet DJ Mixes Ever – Rolling Stone just polled its top 25 best DJ mixes of all time. Check it out and see if you agree Read more
  2. What It Means For DJs To Grow Old – Unlike ageing rockstars who crash and burn at the twilight of their careers, DJs seem to gain more influence, music knowledge, and technical skill the older they get. Is there a tradeoff? Pitchfork explores Read more
  3. Almost Half Of UK’s Nightclubs Have Closed – From 3000 in 2005 to just a little over 1700 in 2015, a large chunk of the UK nightclub scene has fallen by the wayside. Are festivals to blame? BBC Newsbeat has the scoop Watch it
  4. 2manyDJs On Why UK Clubs Are Closing Fast – David Dewaele of 2manyDJs and Soulwax has his own view on the drop in club numbers: There were just a lot of bad ones to begin with. NME has it Read more
  5. Laidback Luke Speaks Against “Pay To Play” – Where there’s big money to be made, greed is sure to follow. Dutch stalwart Laidback Luke talks why shelling out cash to get into the Beatport Top 100 or to play club / festival slots is killing dance. Billboard has the piece Read more
  6. Are There Any Rules When It Comes To Playlists? – Should you be able to make money off of curating playlists online? Hypebot peers into this grey area of music streaming Read more
  7. 15 Tips From Producers Who’ve Changed The Game – From George Martin to Deadmau5, here’s a treasure trove of music production quotes to live by over at DIY Musician Read more
  8. Here’s Why The Underground Will Never Die – Scenes come and go, but folks who are truly “in it” for the music and willingly respect tastes will never be left out of fashion – this is the true essence of the underground. Decoded Magazine has it Read more
  9. 2014 Redbull Thre3style Champ On The Pioneer DJM-S9 – Eskei83 was last year’s turntable wiz, and he conjures a mesmerising performance on Pioneer DJ’s upcoming battle mixer Read more
  10. 6 Social Media Tips For DJs – Kick your online efforts into high gear with these practical tips from DCC Studios Read more
  11. DJ Body Language: A Guide – Actions speak louder than words, especially with DJs! Mixmag compiles a list of the most common types of DJ body language Read more
  12. Tiësto Started a Bad Reality Show to Make Bad DJs Famous – The title says it all. THUMP watched three episodes of Tiesto’s Your Shot reality DJ show so you don’t have to Read more
  13. Flashback: Watch The Prodigy In 1992 – Fact Magazine dug deep to bring you this feature on the 90s hardcore scene in Essex, which appropriates lengthy screen time to The Prodigy before their crossover success. Also, Keith Flint had long hair! Watch it

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