Friday Roundup: The Best Moustaches In DJing

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 7 November, 2014

Davide Squillace shows off his moustache. We’ve got ten more DJ moustaches for you as we head into Movember…

We’ve been pretty serious around here this week, with deep debates about the way forward for digital DJing and all that kind of stuff. So with Movember here we’re lightening it up this Friday with a very important look at the best moustaches in DJing. If you are wanting something more in depth, though, don’t worry; there’s lots of that stuff too. It’s all here in our weekly muster of the best DJ bits from around the web Have a great weekend!

  1. DJs With Awesome Moustaches – It’s November, and for many adult males around the world this means parting ways with a razor on the upper lip for an entire month. Check out some of THUMP’s favourite DJs with snazzy facial hair Read more
  2. 10 Rules You Should Follow As A Pro DJ – Gone past your bedroom DJ phase and started spinning at bars and clubs? Do Androids Dance lists 10 rules professionals should abide by in this industry Read more
  3. Rely On Your Skill And Experience, Not Your Gear – Being flexible when it comes to DJing, whether it be on controllers, CDJs, or turntables, not only potentially nets you more gigs, it increases your confidence behind the booth as well. Traktor Tips has the story Read more
  4. Find The Perfect Production Controller For You – Thinking about what production gear to purchase next? Check out this site that narrows down your Midi controller choices, helping you find the perfect controller just for you! has it Read more
  5. Tiesto Breaks Into Tears – Here’s a touching throwback video showing Tiesto after his very first large-scale gig. Attention bedroom DJs: You’ll never know what this feels like if you don’t make it past your door! Your EDM has the video Watch it
  6. Eight Signs Your DJ Career Is Over – Musicologically-accurate red flags that you’re over the hill as a DJ, as proven by science of course! THUMP has it Read more
  7. Is This The Future Of DJing? – While certain DJs and producers are lambasting “press play” DJs (deadmau5 comes to mind…), this video from 2MNYBTNS proves that the flip side is equally ridiculous. inthemix has it Watch it

Want to comment on any of the articles in this roundup? Have more DJ pro rules to share with us? Think your facial hair trumps Seth Troxler’s? Let us know in the comments section below!

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