Friday Roundup: Was That The Best 10 Years Ever In Dance Music?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 20 April, 2017

Joe Muggs explains why 2007 to 2017 been so momentous for dance culture, in this Mixmag article. Pic: Mixmag

Maybe it’s too early to be nostalgic about it, but that hasn’t stopped Mixmag getting all teary-eyed over the last 10 years in dance music. This and more in our Friday Roundup of the best of the DJing web…

  1. 2007-2017 Might Just Be The Greatest Decade In Dance Music History – So says Mixmag. Find out why in this article Read more
  2. “Don’t go out and buy a Ferrari before you’ve bought a house!” – UK DJ Judge Jules offers advice to young up and coming DJs for when they hit big. Via Music Ally Read more
  3. Tips For DJing In Unique Locations – DJ Tech Tools offers up some advice for playing aways from bars and clubs Read more
  4. 7 Steps For Organizing Your Own DIY Music Festival – Why stop at a gig somewhere unusual, when you can throw a whole festival? Hypebot tells you how Read more
  5. Serato Sample Launched For Producers – Want to stretch, pitch shift and generally manipulate samples, all at the highest audio quality? Serato has outed a plugin for that that works with most DAWs, including Ableton Live, reports DJWorx Read more
  6. 8 Independent Label Owners Tell Us How To Go It Alone – Starting a record label is not easy, but it is easier than ever. Mixmag reports Read more

Got anything to add on any of these articles? Feel free to do so in the comments.

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