Over To You: How Can I Stop My Fridge Interfering With My DJ Gear?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 April, 2018

Marshall Fridge
Despite this rather cool rock and roll fridge (we couldn’t resist it as an illustration!), truth is that domestic electrical appliances can play havoc with delicate audio equipment.

Digital DJ Tips reader Andrew writes: “In my two-bedroom apartment I have all the usual mod cons/appliances such as big TV, fridge and many electronic items. Often many items are switched on at the same time. Then there is my studio, iMac, s4, Yamaha monitors, large amp connected to four sets of speakers and a sub.”

“All the sound equipment is connected via a surge protected board that says it gives cleaner energy to my beloved toys. But when the fridge in the kitchen turns on or off automatically a surge is heard through the speakers. If many lights and other appliances are on the noise is louder. My question is what can I do to stop the surge noise and better take care of my equipment?”

Digital DJ Tips says

Most homes have at least two power and one light circuit. Usually the power is split between opposite sides of the house, although I guess in an apartment you may only have one circuit. If you have more than one, try pulling one fuse (turn the main switch off first) and you can work out which power points are on which circuit. Then try to keep thing with motors or things that cycle on (thermostats etc) off the one you plug all your DJ gear into.

You could also look at power conditioners (Furman does a good range) but they’re not cheap. However, I’m sure some of our readers have experienced the same, so I’d love to throw this one open.

So, have you had to deal with clicks and hums coming through your speakers due to non-related gear? How have you dealt with it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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