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Joey Santos
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Last updated 20 June, 2018

50 Ways To Get Gigs
Learn how to get more bookings with our free PDF packed with tips and tricks for filling up your DJ calendar.

If you’ve been struggling to get bookings, we’ve got great news for you: We’ve just launched a brand-new free downloadable PDF guide, called “50 Ways To Get Gigs” – and it’s yours for free. Building on the huge success of our “getting gigs” series, this huge, practical guide will help you fill up your DJ calendar super-fast.

Easily the best resource out there to help DJs get bookings, “50 Ways To Get Gigs” was downloaded 6,105 times in its first week alone… and now it can be yours, totally free of charge, as our gift when you join Digital DJ Tips (again, for free). Say goodbye to your bedroom and say hello to the DJ booth!

How to get yours:

If you’re a Digital DJ Tips member (ie you get our weekly emails), we’ve already sent you an email about the guide, so just scroll through your inbox again and look for the link.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet (or aren’t sure if you are), then click here and give us your best email address. We’ll join you up immediately and send you your free PDF guide.

Don’t delay – grab your free ebook now, and get ready to rock more dancefloors today!

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