Now Lets You Post To Mixcloud & SoundCloud

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 August, 2017

Whenever you upload a mixtape to House-Mixes, you can now choose to crosspost it to Mixcloud or SoundCloud too, saving you time.

The mixtape site now lets you crosspost your mix to Mixcloud and SoundCloud in one go. When you upload your mixtape to, it gives you the option to send it to Mixcloud and SoundCloud, saving you from having to upload it to all three sites separately.

It’s a time saver if you post mixes regularly (and you should), but avoid SoundCloud at all costs, speaking as one who’s had his account deleted because of mixtapes and remixes. A better pairing with Mixcloud would’ve been something like Mixcrate, which also allows you to upload mixtapes without fear of being taken down, but I guess may be seen as more of a competitor by the team? Anyway, all interesting stuff…

• Check out the website for more details.

How often do you make mixtapes? Is it key in your online promotions, or more like an afterthought right now? Let us know below.

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