Howler Is A Versatile Audio Interface For DJ Livestreaming & Set Recording

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 25 October, 2022

An imminent Kickstarter will raise funds to put into production Howler, an audio interface designed to be as useful as possible for DJs wanting to record or livestream their DJ sets.

From EvermixBox to iRig Stream, M Audio’s M-Caster to Roland’s GO:Mixer range, there is no shortage of audio interfaces being used currently by DJs to get music out of their DJ controllers or mixers and into phones, tablets and laptops for either recording or streaming. But Howler may just be the simplest, most versatile and useful take on this idea yet. Here’s what stands out for us about this device:

  • It’s small – Think EvermixBox kind of size – but versatile
  • It has audio thru – This is a big one, as it means that even if your DJ gear has only one output, you can still use it, because you simply plug your speakers into the RCA audio outs on the Howler interface
  • There’s a battery on-board – It runs for 30 hours, which is great, and a battery is unusual in interfaces like this
  • It has on-board recording to SD card – Just like the Reloop Tape, this lets you record on-board if that’s all you want to do, no need to plug a phone, tablet or laptop in at all
  • It has audio output to digital devices – Of course, if your ultimate aim is to stream your sets, you’re going to want to plug into something to do that from, and that is possible here, being one of the main aims of the unit
  • There is easy level control – There’s just a simple peak LED on the unit – as long as you’re not lighting that LED permanently, your levels will be fine
White male hand holding a black Howler Audio interface prototype in front of DJ gear
We actually got to take a look at a prototype of the unit at ADE 2022, and it looks good!

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This is an imminent Kickstarter at the time of writing, so go to the Kickstarter page here and click the button to be informed when they go live with this one, and to see the Kickstarter supporter offers, starting at €99. Or, check out the Howler Audio website.

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