IKEA To Sell Its Own Range Of Turntables & DJ Gear

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 23 March, 2018

IKEA has always been a go-to place for furniture that DJs can hack into their home studios, but now the company is taking its dominance of the home space further by announcing a partnership with Teenage Engineering to produce “a line of home DJ, audio and party equipment”.

Under the name “Frekvens” (the Swedish word for “Frequency”), the range is due in February 2019, and initial design concepts include “a vinyl player, guitar, speaker and party lighting”. Oh, and an “electronic choir”. What party is a party without one of those, right?

You’ll soon be able to pick up kit like this as you tramp the aisles of IKEA shopping for stuff for your home.

“We are just starting to shape the collection; it’s a work in progress. Together we constantly get new ideas to solutions and products that we want to keep on exploring,” says Michael Nikolic, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

“In Frekvens, we want to make products that everybody can grasp and handle,” says Teenage Engineering CEO Jesper Kouthoofd. “Even those who are not so tech-savvy should swiftly be able to understand and use the products. And that, I guess, has been the biggest challenge, to find the right balance between technology and user friendliness.”

Whether the collection will come with assembly instructions and a tiny hex-wrench, we’re going to have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, just a small ask: Please can we kill this phrase “vinyl player” at birth?

What do you think of IKEA moving into DJ gear? Would you enjoy being able to pick up a couple of disco lights and a PA system when you next head out for a sofa, some candles and a fix of Swedish meatballs? Let us know below

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