Long-awaited Torq 2.0 Software Upgrade Drops at NAMM

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Last updated 30 November, 2017


Torq 2.0 DJ software
Torq 2.0 DJ software demonstrated at NAMM 2011. Pic: M-Audio / Avid.

It has to be one of the most anticipated upgrades among its user base of any DJ software: the new version of M-Audio / Avid’s Torq DJ software has been revealed at NAMM.

Going with the must-have trend of 2011, the software now offer 4 decks, as well as improved compatibility with third-party controllers, including the Vestax VCI-300 and Numark NS7.

It boasts new built-in effects, a built-in sampler (yet another buzzword of the moment, especially with the S4’s sample decks, although software like Virtual DJ has had sample capability for years) and the ability to remove sections from the screen in a modular way to arrange your workspace how you wish.

Torq 2.0 DJ software screenshot
Four decks on show in the new Torq 2.0 DJ software screenshot

The effects look pretty comprehensive, with up to 4 simultaneous effects inserts per deck, and a feature called “Track Morph” that “transforms sound with unique filter, cut, duck, and morph effects as you crossfade between tracks”.

The upgrade is available to existing users at a reduced price of US$50 / £32 from the Avid website. More info about the new software on the Torq product page, from where you can also download a 30-day demo. Full price is US$249 / £159.

More about Torq
Torq is a DJ system that works with M-Audio / Avid’s Xponent DJ hardware to offer a hardware/software integrated solution, much like Serato ITCH with its controllers, but with more emphasis on integrating in production software, VST effect and so on.

While having never quite gained the traction of some other systems, it nonetheless has a loyal fan base of users who appreciate it’s slightly different take on digital DJing, and who will be pleased to see something new to shout about on their platform. Now, when will they introduce new hardware?

Are you a Torq user? Will you be buying this upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

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