Mackie Launches Budget Hardware Mixer Series

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 3 October, 2014

Mackie Mix Series
Mackie has announced its new Mix Series line of cost-effective compact mixers suitable for both bedroom studio and gigging performers.

Mackie has announced today its new Mix Series line of budget mixers. Consisting of three models with different channel configurations, these compact mixers are some of the most affordable the company has ever produced, starting at a mere US$69 for the Mix5 five-channel mixer. The Mix8 is an eight-channel mixer with more input and output options for added flexibility, while the Mix12FX is a 12-channel mixer with onboard effects, perfect for live applications that need some effect processing.

A small mixer like the Mix5 can be an great thing for both bedroom producers and gigging DJs to own; routing hardware synths and other instruments to your sound card becomes centralised, and controller DJ switchovers become less of a chore without the awkward dead air. Further, you can add a microphone to your set-up if your DJ controller doesn’t have a mic input, and you can also plug in another line level device (eg iPad, mobile phone, CD player) as a backup to play music from. It also lets you apply “blanket” EQ to compensate for a poorly EQed PA, meaning you can DJ with your controller’s EQ “flat”.

• The Mackie Mix Series is available now. The Mix5 retails for US$69, the Mix8 for US$109, and the Mix12FX for US$159.

Does your DJ set-up need more inputs and outputs than what you have on your current controller/audio interface? Would you consider adding any of these mixers to your gig rig? Let us know in the comments below.

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