Rekordbox For iOS/Android: Sneak Peek Inside The New DJ App

Last updated 27 July, 2023

Rekordbox DJ software is coming to iOS and Android, meaning DJs will soon be able to plug their DJ controller into their phone or tablet, and DJ from that device rather than using a laptop.

Watch the video

Prefer us to talk you through this? This video explains all we currently know about the Rekordbox mobile app…

The feature is coming in “early 2023” according to Pioneer DJ, and will definitely work with the DDJ-FLX4 entry level controller, that was announced today. We’d expect it to also work with other recent Pioneer DJ controllers, although at the time of writing do not have confirmation of which ones.

From preparation to performance

The Rekordbox mobile app already allows DJs to audition and prepare music, and is particularly useful when used in conjunction with Dropbox and the Rekordbox Pro cloud music feature, but Rekordbox becoming a fully fledged mobile DJ app is big.

Learn to use Rekordbox like a pro: Rekordbox Made Easy

Here are some screenshots of what the new app will look like:

The new Rekordbox Mobile app will be a fully featured two-channel DJ app.
It will contain a paid element to unlock all features (subscription?) and will be able to connect with your phone via Bluetooth.
It will be able to use music on your device, or in the Rekordbox Cloud.
It will provide headphones monitoring via either a splitter cable from your phone/tablet, or the audio interface in your controller (when it is wired to your mobile device).
You’ll be able to EQ and add effects to your mic.
It will have a sampler.
You’ll be able to pitch shift your music in the app.
Many effects will be built into the app.
It will have full control over hotcues.

Bye Bye WeDJ?

We assume this will spell the end of Pioneer DJ’s existing beginner-level WeDJ app, which was presented as the app to use with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller. Presumably, that controller will work with the new app when it arrives.

  • This “reveal” was part of the PR for the new DDJ-FLX4, and the screenshots above are from the FLX4 manual. We’ve asked Pioneer DJ for further info – we’ll let you have it as soon as we do.
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