Meet The Tutors #1: Joey Santos

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Last updated 4 February, 2019


Everyone at Digital DJ Tips is a successful DJ or DJ/producer. It’s in our DNA.

So this week, we’re launching a new video series called Meet The Tutors, where we get our team to share their often incredible stories.

We’re starting with Joey Santos, our music production tutor. Across two videos, Joey shares the ups and downs of his career as a DJ, musician, recording studio owner, and now, DJ/production tutor. You’ll learn:

  • How Joey first got into DJing
  • How he had to fight his parents to follow his dreams
  • How he set up and ran one of the biggest recording studios in his city, with no experience or formal musical training
  • How following his dreams nearly ruined Joey’s studio business – and what he did to turn it around
  • How he lost his desire to make music – and what he did to bring it back
  • How he became one the most important music production tutors in the world

We hope you enjoy the films – do ask any questions you have for Joey below, and let us know what you think of the films either here or over on YouTube.

The Films

If you’ve got any questions for Joey, go ahead and ask them below.

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