Mixo Wants To Be Your Ultimate DJ Music Library

Last updated 23 July, 2023

Today, an app that has been in development for several years finally reaches v1.0 – Mixo (styled “MIXO”), which is a mobile and desktop DJ music library, a DJ music backup solution, and a way of getting your DJ library including cues, loops, beatgrids and more between all major DJ software platforms.

Watch the show

Prefer me to talk you through this? In this video, a recording of a live show from the Digital DJ Tips YouTube channel, I talk you through everything in this article, and we take questions from our community on the subject.

Mixo integrates with your existing cloud provider (as long as that cloud provider is Dropbox or Google, currently) to give you two apps:

  1. A DJ library on your phone (iOS/Android) – Think Rekordbox for iOS/Android as the closest current example of what Mixo looks like on mobile, although unlike that app, Mixo is strictly a music prep app, not a performing app
  2. A desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux) – This is kind of like iTunes, but designed for DJs, with the kind of features you’d expect to find in the “preparation” part of your DJ software (again, think Rekordbox Export mode, or Serato when there is no controller plugged in)
The big thing about Mixo is the mobile/desktop integration. As such, it brings together the ability to use it with all DJ software on both your phone and laptop.

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With these two apps and a subscription to the “Gold” tier of the service (currently the price is $7/€6/£5 a month, with a seven-day free trial), you can:

  • Sync – Move your whole library or parts of it between computers (say a studio, work and gigging device)
  • Listen offline – download your music to your mobile to play your DJ collection wherever you are, no internet required
  • Build playlists – Mixo lets you create your own playlists, just like you do in your DJ software
  • Add cues, loops and beatgrids – Basically, prepping your music wherever you get time to, direct from your phone if you like
  • Tidy up you metadata – It’s a full metadata editor, including artwork (even on your phone)
  • Export – Send everything to Traktor, VirtualDJ, Rekordbox, Serato, djay Pro AI and most other DJ software

So who is Mixo for?

Mixo will particularly appeal to:

  • DJs using multiple platforms on a regular basis
  • DJs with a main platform preference, but who occasionally have to use another platform
  • iTunes/Apple Music users looking for a more DJ-focused solution
  • DJs looking to make a one-time switch between platforms
  • Any DJ who’s dreamed of having their library on their phone, not just their laptop
Need to access your DJ library on the go? You can build playlists, add cues, loops, and beatgrids, fix up your metadata and more, all inside the app.

Is this unique?

There are other apps that help you with some of this stuff. You may also want to look at:

  • DJCU – A good app for one-off movement of music from one DJ platform to another (and for a one-off payment, too)
  • Lexicon DJ – This does much of what is on offer here, for a (pricier) subscription

For us the really big thing about Mixo is the mobile/desktop integration. As such, it brings together the ability to use it with all DJ software on both your phone and laptop. The biggest drawback we can see initially is that the beatgrid sharing is not flexible, just a single beatgrid per track, so it will as it stands work best for electronic music collections (or if you don’t care about beatgridding, of course).

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Where can I get it?

Mixo launched today as v1.0 after a long beta period. Check out the video accompanying this news piece, where we have an initial play and chat about this. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments underneath it, or under this news piece. And have a go for yourself, using the free seven-day trial.

Click here to go to Mixo’s website.

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