Much Loved Acapellas4U Website Returns

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 18 August, 2022

Acapellas4U, the long-running UK-based website that for 15 years has helped DJs obtain acapellas for use in their DJ sets, is back in business, after going down earlier this year (as we reported back in February).

We spoke to Acapellas4U to discover what had happened. Turned out that the site disappeared due to a “perfect storm” of one of their web service providers asking them to leave after receiving a complaint (we’d speculate such a complaint would have come from a copyright owner), a struggle to find a new web host, the lack of a developer to help with the technical side of things – and the site’s founder realising they needed a break after putting in countless hours maintaining it as a hobby for the past decade and a half.

However, now it has returned. And while in recent times it’s true to say that the acapellas “world” has moved on, with countless apps including DJ software that can create acapellas in real time giving DJs a whole new set of creative acapella tools, there will always be space for any service that gets studio-quality acapellas into DJs’ hands, which is what Acapellas4U has traditionally excelled at.

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Let’s be frank: The site definitely isn’t “new and improved” as far as user experience goes, being clunky and at times infuriating, especially on mobile. Furthermore, while it is free to use, using some of its more advanced features requires you to jump through hoops including making a donation to go towards covering its costs. But all that said, it certainly has a place in a lot of DJs’ hearts, and we shouldn’t forget it’s one person’s labour of love. Many DJs will certainly be glad to see one of the web’s DJing “OG’s” back on the scene.

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