[NAMM 2016] Fluid Audio FX8 & FX5 Monitors Video Talkthrough

Joey Santos
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Last updated 17 August, 2017

Fluid Audio
While at the basement of NAMM 2016 I chanced upon these monitors from Fluid Audio that really caught my ear…

I was going around the basement level of NAMM 2016 and something caught my ear while I was passing the Fluid Audio stand. The company had a bunch of speakers on display, but the FX8 and FX5 monitors sounded great, were compact, and are perfectly priced for bedroom DJ/producers.

For US$500 you could get a co-axial monitor speaker like the FX8 that I feel can blow others in its price range, or if you’ve got a small desk the FX5 makes perfect sense – for the price, they sounded quite good! A really good value monitor.

Check out our talkthrough video below.

Video talkthrough

What monitors do you use for your home studio? Are you looking to upgrade to a new pair soon? Do these interest you? Let us know below.

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