NAMM 2020: The Best Of The Rest

Marc Santaromana
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 22 January, 2020

This year at NAMM most of the bigger companies such as Denon DJ, Pioneer DJ, and Rane showcased their latest hardware – albeit often away from the main show floor, in private VIP suites. But alongside those major announcements the show was filled with other manufacturers showing their latest. Like we do every year, here is our “best of the rest” from this year’s NAMM show.

Best Of The Rest

Muse Ovations Faderlator

One of the most interesting pieces of hardware on the NAMM floor this year was the Muse Ovations Faderlator. They are calling it the world’s first “intelligent crossfader”, claiming it will change the way scratch DJs use the crossfader. The Faderlator combines built-in effects as well as being able to perform use motion and momentum to perform multiple fader cuts in a single movement. It’s certainly something different and was getting steady attention

More info: Muse Ovations site

Electro-Voice Evolve 30M and 50M

Line array systems are becoming more and more popular due to the quality of sound they output and their size and weight. Electro-Voice updated its Evolve line array line with a fresh and clean looking white colour. This is a great look for mobile DJs who want to get away from the drab and industrial look of having large black monitor speakers in a venue.

More info: Electro-Voice site

Magma Solid Blaze 120

Made out of 120 recycled plastic bottles (hence the name), this bag can be configured as a DJ bag, a camera bag, or general-purpose rucksack. This eco-friendly bag is only a prototype with no release date or pricing information at this time, but shows the route forward in a more sustainable future.

More info: Magma site

Infinity Faders Unbreakable Faders

One concern that every scratch DJ has is the build quality and reliability of their crossfaders. Infinity Faders claims these models are unbreakable. Made of high-quality aluminum, Infinity Faders provides custom fader replacements for the most popular scratch mixers including the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 and Rane Seventy-Two.

More info: Infinity Faders site

Roland Zenbeats

Zenbeats is Roland’s iOS and Android beat making software. the company has put a focus on an easy beat making workflow for beginners while using high-quality classic Roland sounds. In this latest update, Zenbeats gets a subtracks feature that allows for multi-out instruments giving beatmakers, even more control over their sound.

More info: Roland Zenbeats site Custom Slipmats

This online retailer makes the process of creating your own slipmats with custom artwork simple. Just provide the artwork you’d like on your slipmats and they will take care of the rest. For vinyl DJs out there (especially those who use clear control vinyl with DVS) this could be a fun tool for marketing and branding.

More info: Slipmats Online site

Universal Audio Luna

Universal Audio has some of the best audio interfaces on the market. This year it introduced its own digital audio workstation with full integration with its world-class hardware. Much like Universal Audio’s hardware, Luna has a focus on sound quality, so all of the samples and virtual instruments are of the highest quality. The best part is that Luna will be free for any owners of Universal Audio’s latest Thunderbolt audio interfaces. The stand was drawing huge crowds.

More info: Universal Audio Luna site

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Studio Monitors

IK Multimedia showcased a cosmetic update to its iLoud MTM studio monitors, launched last year. Now coming in a new white colour, these studio monitors already had a great sound profile and the new colour will appeals to DJs and producers looking for something a bit different.

More info: IK Multimedia MTM Monitors site

12 Inch Skinz Custom Rane 12 Vinyl

The Rane Twelve bridged the gap for DJs looking for vinyl-style control but with up-to-date technology, and now 12 Inch Skinz has launched a whole line of custom Star Wars-themed Rane Twelve vinyl for DJs wanting to pimp their controller decks. Coming in a variety of custom-cut shapes, these replacements are a perfect match for the main DJs who are also Star Wars fans.

More info: 12 Inch Skinz Custom Vinyl site

Gemini G4V

Gemini showcased its four-channel controller, the G4V, now updated for the latest version of Virtual DJ. The GV4 comes in at a competitive price point for a four-channel controller for one of the world’s most popular DJ software at US$399.

More info: Gemini GV4 site


NAMM is changing.

In the past, there have been countless big announcements by companies, but this year – as seems to be the trend – most of the biggest announcements were made in the weeks leading up to the show, where reviewers such as ourselves were given the chance to get hands-on with the gear away from the chaos of the show floor.

Even at the show, some of the big new items – such as the new Denon DJ units – were there, but behind closed doors for VIPs only to view (which seemed a strange arrangement to us).

Nonetheless for a networking opportunity, to meet DJs and other movers and shakers, and as a spectacle, NAMM is hard to beat. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage this year – and we’ll be back to bring you more next year. Until then!

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