Over To You: How Are You Coping With iTunes 11?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 13 November, 2017

iTunes 11 had a mixed reception among DJs who use it to organise their playlists before powering up their ‘main’ DJ software. How are you finding it?

Reader Louis asks: “I would see if you could help me out with a problem i am having at the moment in regards to organising my music. I currently use iTunes and have a big collection of music of all different genres. The problem is since iTunes took away the feature to open up separate windows for individual playlist it has become so hard to get a grip on what you are doing and make decent playlist as you are never 100% sure whether you have dropped a tune in the right list.”

“Also, if you just want to check what’s in a playlist, you then have to go back to the top of your main music page when you are done. It is all very frustrating and time consuming. So I was wondering if you guys or any of the online community knew of a better bit of software to use, or a way around the problem as I am wasting too much time with iTunes now…. How can they make a perfectly good bit of software worse?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

We actually like iTunes 11 in lots of ways, but agree playlists are an area that things haven’t really been improved on, and the fact that you can’t now open separate windows is indeed a simplification too far. The thing is, only iTunes is integrated directly into all major DJ software, so if you want to organise your music away from your DJ software (and we thoroughly encourage this, for lots of reasons), you still don’t effectively have a choice.

So I want to ask the readers. How are you coping with iTunes 11? Do you still use it to look after your music “outside” of your DJ software? What tips can you offer to use it more effectively?

Let us know your thoughts! Please leave your opinions and advice in the comments.

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