Over To You: Where Can I Buy Latin House Music?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 16 November, 2017

we speak latino
It’s summer (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), and Latin house can sound mighty good on these hot nights. But can you help our reader to find it online?

Digital DJ Tips reader Albert from Holland writes: “Every now and then, I stumble upon some Latin house music, but if I check Beatport, I can’t find it as a separate category. I suspect that there are a lot of good Latin house songs going round (even good remixes of popular house music), but where can I find them? To give an example: Vamos / DJ Falk – Bumba Meu Boi / Franky Rizardo (which are actually on Beatport). It’s more to point out the style I’m looking for. Maybe the readers can help me and give some tips about websites where I can find this stuff? Maybe there are “specialised” websites, or can somebody help me in searching with specific categories… Thank you very much for your help!”

Digital DJ Tips says:

To go exploring, you could listen through compilations (there are many “Latin house” compilations out there) to get artist names; search for similar artists for tracks you like using last.fm; use the “create a radio station” features in streaming music services, seeded by one or more of the tracks you already know; or just look at “people who bought this also bought”-style features in online stores.

However, as this isn’t a genre I’m a specialist in, maybe some readers who play Latin house can suggest some shortcuts for you…

So, over to you: Can you help Albert out? Is this a style you specialise in? Where do you source your tunes? Please share your advice in the comments.

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