Is This The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 12 April, 2022

UPDATE: CDJ-3000 confirmed – Click here to read our full review

Pioneer DJ has teased what appears to be a new media player on its Instagram – with the consensus among its followers that we are seeing the next generation media player: The long wished-for CDJ-3000.

With the hashtag #ANewDimension, the short video shows cue and play buttons being tested by machinery, a jogwheel/platter with a different type of surface (grooved, instead of smooth), and a small part of a high-resolution screen, with a new, modern waveform design.

A successor to the CDJ-2000NXS2 is well overdue, especially with Denon DJ making so many strides with its own SC5000 and now SC6000 series of players.

The waveforms teased on the video definitely indicate something high end (and it’s almost certainly not a controller, because another shot shows the familiar Pioneer DJ logo under the platter, as in previous designs, as opposed to performance pads).

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With the weight of expectation on Pioneer DJ, we’d be surprised if it were just another update of the CDJ-2000, to NXS3 perhaps – and so that means we agree with what the majority of people commenting on the post are saying: That more than likely we are looking at the CDJ-3000. Then again, will it even have a CD slot? Would it be an “XDJ-3000”?

When this is to be released, if indeed the speculation is correct, is another question entirely – and Pioneer DJ not surprisingly were staying tight-lipped about it when we asked if they could give us something to print. So take a look at the Instagram post yourself, and let us know what YOU think!

Oh, and finally – it seems that Denon DJ isn’t wanting Pioneer DJ to have all the glory with these “give nothing away” leaks – check out what we just spotted on a Laidback Luke Instagram story… is this a new Denon DJ media player too?

Some reaction from Instagram

“Yes yes yes???the new CDJ-3000NXS is coming???congratulation @pioneerdjglobal” – d.j.teo_slehta

“In my opinion: goodbye cd (probably xdj), goodbye old hot cues and welcome to new 8 pads effect (hot cue, slicer, loop, beat jump) on the top of the jog, and I’m not sure about it but there could be 2 version, one with motorized jog. Release date I think in a week! Let’s see?” – doriafederico

“Only fear is that the 3000 nexus is gonna cost about 3000 $$$ ???” –

“??Who just bought Nx2 before watching this ? .. after watching this ?” – rodneygordonmusic

“There better not be a CD player in this one! ? XDJ is the future.” – ewbeats

“Are there new Players incoming? Would be the time…” – _tarikweiss

“Finally!!! ❤️❤️❤️????????” – danmeier86

“CDJ Next gen” – wykidd52

“I’ve already mentally bought these!” – newton040143

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