Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Is A Flagship Rekordbox & Serato DJ System

Last updated 13 November, 2019


Pioneer DJ has today launched the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, its new professional all-in-one four-channel DJ system for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.

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Designed to appeal to mobile DJs, bars, small venues, and serious hobbyists, the XDJ-XZ is a full-sized unit, feeling like a hybrid of a controller (the performance pads), a club system (decks and mixer resembling Nexus gear), and Pioneer DJ’s existing family of XDJ all-in-one units (the single central touchscreen).

The unit works with Rekordbox-analysed music via its twin USB ports, meaning you can DJ without a laptop (although this only works for two of the unit’s four channels), or you can connect your laptop and DJ with Rekordbox or – coming January 2020 – Serato DJ. In these modes the screen and jogwheel displays show waveforms and other information from the software. It is also possible to use Link Export mode to DJ from a Rekordbox library on your laptop.

For software DJs (either Serato or Rekordbox), this may well be seen as the ultimate controller – even without any standalone capability.

For the first time in an XDJ all-in-one, the unit works with Pro DJ Link, meaning you can plug in compatible Pioneer DJ CDJ units in order to increase the number of available “standalone” decks; add two CDJs and you’ve got a full four-channel set-up running from a single USB drive. The two “extra” channels also allow you to DJ with any external sources, including record decks, which can be used as DVs sources too.

Two separate mic inputs with feedback reducer and three-band EQ, plus three-band EQ over the master output, mean that performing DJs will love the flexibility of this unit. As well as the Nexus-style decks (the jogs are identical to those on CDJs), the mixer feels just like using a club mixer, with six Sound Color FX, and 14 Beat FX.

The XDJ-XZ is available now, priced at €2,199.

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• Now check out our full first-look review.

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