Reloop Goes Back To The Future With RHP-10 Mono

Joey Santos
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Last updated 6 November, 2017


Reloop RHP-10
The Reloop RHP-10 Mono is a modern take on the classic monophone design of yore.

Reloop has released the RHP-10 Mono, a single cup headphone akin to the classic lollipop-shaped headphones of the disco era. With a modern 50mm driver that “delivers powerful sound in even the nosiest of DJ booths”, the RHP-10 Mono has a water-resistant leatherette ear pad, a swivel-mounted cup design and, an ergonomic stick handle.

So what’s with this “one ear” stuff, then? Actually, once upon a time this was a more common “look”, with DJs even using old telephone earpieces as headphones (back when DJ headphones were hard to come by). After all, we only tend to monitor with one ear anyway, right? The classic single cup style is still occasionally favoured by DJs today, but in the past was most famously sported by legendary Paradise Garage resident DJ Larry Levan.

The idea is that you quick-cue songs by cradling the cup between your chin and shoulder, or preview a track by holding the stick up to your ear as if you were “picking up the phone”. It ain’t for everyone, but Reloop clearly feels there are enough people out there who might favour this style to throw a modernised “monophone” out there. If you’re tempted, you might like to know that it comes with an XLR-to-jack coiled lead, and its own carry pouch.

• The Reloop RHP-10 Classic Monophone is available now for €59. More info at Reloop’s website.

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Have you ever tried using a single cup earphone to DJ, or is this all new to you? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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