Reloop Unveils Next-Gen RP-8000MK2 Turntable For Serato DJ Pro

Joey Santos
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Last updated 8 January, 2019

In more turntable release news: Reloop just announced the RP-8000MK2, a brand new DJ deck that has controls for Serato DJ Pro. It’s an update to the original RP-8000 which was released back in 2013, and it brings a refreshed layout and a sleek all-black look.

It has eight performance pads arranged vertically, as well as four mode buttons that let you choose from among seven pad modes for use with Serato DJ: Cue, Sampler, Saved Loops, Pitch Play, Loop, Loop Roll, Slicer. It’s also got a rotary encoder onboard that lets you browse your Serato library and load tracks straight to Serato DJ’s decks, and it’s still got a small display that shows you the current BPM.

Another new feature is Platter Play which lets you use the performance pads to change the platter’s speed: this lets you speed up or slow down the platter in increments, giving you expanded options when it comes to tone play when spinning with real vinyl (or if you’ve got Serato DJ’s keylock off) which typically relies on using the pitch fader to make pitch changes to a track.

Other features include a pair of phono outs, line outs, a USB jack for connecting straight to your laptop, and three selectable pitch fader ranges (+/-8%, +/- 16% and +/-50%).

Technics vs Reloop: a duel for deck supremacy?

Earlier today Technics unveiled its SL-1200MK7 turntable which continues the legacy of the legendary 1200 turntable. The response from DJs has been overwhelmingly positive (though that may change slightly when Technics reveals how much it costs). While the SL-1200MK7 looks cool, there is a lack of innovation onboard – the biggest new thing on it is the ability to play in reverse. Not that DJs mind though, as evidenced by the launch event that showcased vinyl-only sets as well as the online praise it’s currently receiving.

We think it’s fitting then that Reloop decided to launch the RP-8000MK2, which the company claims is the “most advanced turntable ever made”, on the same day as the SL-1200MK7’s unveiling. It’s a clever move because by doing this, Reloop can clearly position its product as the progressive choice compared to the “conservative” Technics offering. On forward-thinking features alone the RP-8000MK2 blows away the SL-1200MK7 (and all other “traditional” turntables for that matter), and it’s priced well too: it retails for US$699. It remains to be seen however if DJs will warm up to it. Watch out for our review of it soon.

Check the promo video and photo gallery below.

Promo Video

Photo Gallery

• The Reloop RP-8000MK2 will be available for US$699 from end of January 2019. Check the Reloop site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this turntable? Do you prefer this over the SL-1200MK7? Why or why not? Let us know below.

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