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American Audio 19MXR Mixer Review

Christian Yates
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

The American Audio 19MXR gives you enough inputs to run two digital channels and two analogue simultaneously. At its heart, this is a good value analogue mixer that also happens to be a Midi-enabled controller with a built-in sound card. The 19MXR is a three-in-one unit that serves multiple purposes for DJ’s who want to have control over both analogue devices and software.

First Impressions / Setting up

The American Audio 19MXR is a four-channel Midi / analogue mixer, with a four-in-four-out audio interface. You can use the 19MXR as a standalone analog mixer or a standalone controller as it comes bundled with a custom version of the Virtual DJ LE.

In Use

The 19MXR has a good solid build and a smaller size compared to other four-channel mixers which makes it ideal for mobile setups.

As a four-channel mixer, users can choose between analog or midi inputs. It has a three-band EQ for each channel, as well as a set of high pass and low pass filter knobs. What users like about the 19MXR are the two microphone inputs plus one microphone input on the fourth channel, making use of all three microphones at once. On top of that, each of the two microphone inputs has gain, treble, bass, and reverb knobs which is great for karaoke nights, weddings or birthdays.

Users appreciate the handful of features present on this unit that previously required two or more DJ equipment to do. There are no jogwheels on the 19MXR but it’s able to function as a full Midi controller for your Virtual DJ software. The centre knob has a multipurpose use for navigating thru your music library and for triggering Effects. There are also six total performance pads that can function as hot cues or sampler buttons, as well as your standard Sync, Cue and Play buttons. All of the 19MXRs’ buttons, knobs, and faders trigger smoothly and works seamlessly with the bundled software.


The 19MXR is for mobile DJs on a budget who need multiple microphone inputs (eg for doing karaoke parties) and wants the option of having a four-channel mixer that also acts as a Midi controller.

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