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Behringer DDM4000 Mixer Review

Christian Yates
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

The Behringer DDM4000 is a highly equipped mixer and great value, missing just one thing – an audio interface. That means to use it with your DJ software you’ll need a separate audio interface or media players with audio interfaces built in (you’ll need a Midi-to-USB cable too).

First Impressions / Setting up

The Behringer DDM4000 is a four-channel mixer with a dedicated mic channel with two XLR mic inputs. The DDM4000 has two bank samplers, dual Effects engines, and also functions as a Midi controller. Almost everything in the DDM4000 is mappable and presets can be saved for up to eight unique users.

In Use

The DDM4000 has an entry-level price but with some features that can be found on mixers from Pioneer DJ, Rane, Allen & Heath, and so on. However, you cannot expect that the knobs, faders, buttons, and sound quality to be as good as its more expensive competitors. The build quality is also just decent with a mix of plastic and metals which can last you long if you aren’t too rough with it.

There is plenty to like about the DDM4000. There are the FX unit, filters, fader knobs, three-band EQ, samplers, an EQ and compressor for the mic channel, Midi controls, BPM sync on every function, and so much more – all standard features for a modern digital DJ mixer.

For the DJ with a knack for customisation, there are more than 80 mappable buttons, dials, and faders on the DDM4000. Eight unique settings can be saved and loaded on the mixer, which is a great timesaver for the club setup that has a number of resident DJs.

One of the most common gripes of the DDM4000 even among users with positive feedback is its tendency to suddenly go bonkers – it will stop working or malfunction for one reason or another. This is remedied by a reboot and happens seldom enough for users to keep the mixer. Still, the possibility of a malfunction occurring at least once is there, so bear that in mind when considering purchasing this.


It’s hard not to like the Behringer DDM4000 with the number of features it offers for a price that is only a third of its competitors. Its downside is its build quality and reliability though. If you’re on a budget, can live with just about decent sound quality and the occasional hiccup, then you may want to consider the DDM4000 as part of your shortlist.

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