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IK Multimedia iRig Keys 49 MIDI Keyboard Controller Review

Last updated 15 November, 2021


The Lowdown

The IK Multimedia iRig Keys 49 is a portable keyboard controller and audio interface. Along with eight velocity-sensitive, programmable pads, the iRig Keys 49 has most of what you need for performing live or producing in your bedroom studio whether you produce on a DAW on your laptop or with an iPhone or iPad. A great all-in solution for DJ/producers who use a variety of devices when making music.

In Use

The velocity sensitive keys and pads on the iRig Keys 49 feel great though we have experienced better in the price range. Touch-sensitive sliders are a nice feature for additional control for software instruments. Some users had a few small issues registering the device for authentication, but nothing major. There were also some users who mentioned issues with the iRig Keys 49 when used with newer iPad models.

The iRig Keys 49 is currently priced at US$249 which puts it at about the mid-range in the Midi controller category. Most Amazon reviewers say that the iRig Keys 49 is a great workhorse controller to carry around and that its all-in-one capabilities help in sizing down set-ups. On the other hand, the less favourable reviews did mention issues such as compatibility – best to check if your iOS device is supported first.


Overall, the iRig Keys 49 is a solid choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one device for your studio or for live use.

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