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Pioneer DJ DJC-STS1 Stand Review

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 7 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The Pioneer DJ DJC-STS1 is a portable, adjustable metal DJ stand that can hold your laptop while you DJ. You can also use it to hoist hardware peripherals above a DJ set-up like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 controller, TORAIZ SP-16 sampler, or the RMX-1000 effects unit for easy access in tight spaces.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Pioneer DJC-STS1 is a portable stand to create more desk space for your DJ set-up. It’s specifically designed for use with several Pioneer products such as the DDJ-XP1 and RMX-1000 to name a few. The DJC-STS1 can hold 15” MacBook Pros easily, and could even hold up to 17″ PC laptops.

The metal construction feels very reliable along with a wide base both for holding your device and for the stand itself.


In Use

Using the DJC-STS1 is pretty straightforward. The thin base makes it easy to fit most anywhere.

It will probably take a significant amount of force before the stand tilts over because of the large base. It should be noted that the stand itself has some heft to it, especially compared to more lightweight options from Crane and Stanton, but not something you would consider heavy.

It can be swiveled around no problem and the tightening mechanisms all feel premium though it is still prone to threading so be careful when tightening.

If there’s one complaint we can throw at the DJC-STS1, it’s that it’s pricey for what it does – it’s from Pioneer DJ though, so the cost is to be expected.


Overall, the Pioneer DJC-STS1 does what its supposed to do and is a nice choice if you feel that you need more space for your devices when doing sets. If you DJ with a laptop and you aren’t using a stand, go get one – your back will thank you for it.

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