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Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Mixer Review

Last updated 20 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is a two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ that comes with three-band EQs and filter knobs onboard, switchable mic and Aux inputs, a Magvel crossfader with curve and hamster switches, and two phono and line inputs for hooking up turntables or DJ media players. It inherits the sound card of the flagship DJM-S9 mixer, and it’s got a USB jack for connecting to your laptop. It’s also “Serato DVS Enabled”, meaning you can use timecode vinyl to spin with music files on your laptop running Serato DJ. You don’t need to purchase the Serato DVS add-on, though you will need to purchase the timecode vinyl separately.

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