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Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Headphones Review

Christian Yates
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 19 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The HDM-6 are DJ/producer headphones for studio use that are similar to the slightly cheaper HRM-5, and have a higher frequency response. As with the HRM-5’s, the leather ear pads and swivel mechanism on the cups make them a good choice for combined studio monitoring, and the fold up design is convenient for moving around. They also feature three different straight and coiled detachable cables.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Pioneer DJ HRM-6 is made of aluminum with several areas made out of plastic. With the price well within the budget range, the HRM-6s do not feel cheap outside of the plastic hinge.

The foam definitely feels nice and will be great when using it in the studio. The headband does not put too much pressure and is comfortable.

In the box, you get three different headphone cables with two straight and one coiled. An 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo jack is also tucked away in the box.

Unfortunately, the HRM-6s do not come with a case or carrying pouch which would have been a really nice addition.

In Use

Unlike some of the headphones in its price range, the HRM-6 sounds a bit darker in the high end and is less “scooped” than say the ATM-M50s. The lows are advertised to go be powerful but in reality, they are pleasantly balanced. The mid range is fairly relaxed and takes vocals and other instruments further back in mix.

With that being said, the soundstage and instrument separation is where the HRM-6s fall short. It may have a nice, all-around sound signature, it fails to recreate a lot of detail and space.

The reviewers on Amazon seem to really like their pair of HRM-6s with only one saying that the plastic parts do not last very long which is something to be aware of.

Despite not having a carrying case of some sort, the DJ HRM-6s fold very easily and can fit into your bag, no problem.


It may not have the powerful bass that it may suggest, the Pioneer DJ HRM-6 is a great closed-back pair of headphones with a relaxed sound signature that is fit for live DJ use or for studio work. It may have issues in the areas where it has cut corners, but it sits atop other budget studio headphones in its price range.

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