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Pioneer DJ HDX-7 Headphones Review

Joey Santos
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Last updated 6 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7 is a mid-tier DJ heapdhone that has 50mm drivers and takes cues from Pioneer DJ’s former flagship HDJ-2000MK2 headphones.

First Impressions / Setting up

The HDJ-X7 is the mid-tier option in the HDJ-X line from Pioneer. All models in the series come with build features taken from the HDJ-2000MK2, including detachable cables, swivel earcups, noise isolation, and replaceable parts. We’ve already reviewed the HDJ-X10 and was impressed by it because of its sound and comfort, though the predominantly plastic construction doesn’t feel very premium. The HDJ-X7 retains that plastic build.

The around-the-ear fit is comfortable over long periods of wear and the pads feel nice as well.

The cups can be swivelled around and the headphone can be adjusted to fit in the included pouch. It also has a detachable cable which is a plus for the HDJ-X7 because that means you can replace it when it’s broken / worn out.

In Use

The first thing you will notice when first auditioning the HDJ-X7 is its extended soundstage. Much like the HDJ-X10, the HDJ-X7 has a wider stereo field which is an interesting feature but, like in our review of the HDJ-X10, takes some getting used to.

The HDJ-X7 has a decent low-end response, but not as bass heavy as the HDJ-X10. The mids are present and the highs aren’t brittle, though the overall sound isn’t as “open” as the HDJ-X10.

No review of the HDJ-X line is complete without mentioning its military grade durability and the HDJ-X7 holds up to any kind of abuse you can throw at it (at least as far as DJ booth use goes).


The HDJ-X7 is a decent pair of headphones for DJs who want the durability of the HDJ-X10, but wouldn’t mind a slightly less open sound for a smaller spend.

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