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Rane Sixty-Four Mixer Review

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 20 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The Sixty-Four is Rane’s first mixer specifically made for Serato DJ software. Comes with twin USB jacks for easy DJ switchovers and a host of other pro features. Serato DJ control includes library, cues, loops, sample player, sync and slip mode. A true pro / club installation mixer.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Rane Sixty-Four is a full-featured four-channel DJ mixer native to the Serato DJ software. The Sixty-Four allows full integration with Serato and provides controls over sync, cues, loops, and other versatile transport and mixing capabilities to suit four decks.

The Sixty-Four has a 12-input, 10-output soundcard that let you simultaneously support a number of inputs and playbacks from different sources all at the same time. It has two independent USBs for quick and seamless DJ changeovers.

In Use

The Sixty-Four is built like a tank, is industrial-looking, and will last you for a long time. Like the Sixty-Two though, the knob posts are made of plastic instead of metal. The Sixty-Four features Rane’s signature magnetic channel and crossfaders that users love for both scratching and mixing.

The Sixty-Four has everything a DJ could ask for in a mixer. It has an Internal Effects Engine, advanced loop controls, cues and loop controls, your standard mixer controls, that all work flawlessly together with the Serato DJ.

What the Sixty-Four offers above the Sixty-Two are the four channels that provide a great deal of flexibility. If you’re only using two decks for your set, the controls provided for the other two decks can be mapped for your parameters, hence giving you more physical controls. Two laptops running different software can be plugged in simultaneously to the Sixty-Four and DJs can still transition seamlessly. Again, because it’s dual USB, a two-DJ performance is possible switching between the two DJ laptops by a turn of a knob.


Priced more than US$2000 the Sixty-Four is a mixer worth every penny in terms of build, features, and superb performance. It’s recommended for the highly skilled professional or touring DJ who needs a solid mixer she or he can take to gigs.

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