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Rane Sixty-Two Mixer Review

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 20 February, 2024

The Lowdown

The Rane Sixty-Two is a fully featured two-channel Serato DJ Pro mixer. Roughly Rane’s equivalent to the Traktor Kontrol Z2, although this is higher specified than that mixer. A great two-channel mixer for use with Serato DJ Pro – albeit at a price.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Rane Sixty-Two is a full featured two-channel Serato DJ Pro mixer with a built-in sound card that supports both analogue and DVS playback. On board the Sixty-Two are advance loop controls, an Internal Effects Engine, hot cues, and sample buttons that can access a total of 24 samples, and so much more. In addition, it has dual USB for quick and seamless DJ change overs.

In Use

Out of the box, users like the heavy metal and solid build of the Sixty-Two. You have your signature Rane channel faders and crossfades that are built to last and are great for scratching and mixing. At this price point though, users expect the knob posts of the Sixty-Two to be metal, but this one has all-plastic posts which means you’d have to be a little careful when transporting it.

What’s great about the Sixty-Two, and really what you’re paying for, are all the controls you have at your fingertips in a compact, well laid out package. Users especially like the Internal Effects Engine that can trigger in sync with your song’s BPM and has a control for the time, beat, volume and depth. The Sixty-Two also has hot cue and sample buttons, and an advance control for your loops; these are on top of your standard mixer controls containing three-band EQs, Filter, Pan and even FlexFX. All of these buttons and knobs work flawlessly, according to reviews.

Finally, the Sixty-Two comes with two independent USB inputs that allow you to hook up two laptops at the same time. This is awesome for club installations virtually removing downtime when switching between DJs and makes for a cleaner DJ booth space.


The Rane Sixty-Two is a highly recommended mixer for DJs using Serato and is an ideal mixer for club installations and the professional DJ who can afford its steep price. It is compact, feature-filled, and is one of the best Rane mixers with an onboard sound card money can buy.

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