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UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table Mk2 Plus Review

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 20 August, 2023

The Lowdown

If you’re looking for this type of DJ table, the UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table Mk2 Plus is great. It is well built, folds up flat with wheels for easier moving around, and when folded out, is smart and functional, with a clean back panel and a useful shelf on the “DJ” side of the table. The two fold out “sides” are not 100% stable, but with gear on top of them this shouldn’t be an issue. Recommended.

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Video Review

First Impressions / Setting up

The table comes in one flat piece, which is heavy enough to be difficult for one person to lift easily – just as well it has a useful pair of built-in wheels and a handle for pulling it along. It is a smart black colour, with a professional honeycomb pattern on the veneered surface of the plywood from which it is constructed. When in “travel” mode, it feels like a square, flat flight case.

Top of the desk closeup highlighting the honeycomb texture and two holes for wiring
We really like the feel of this table, made from sturdy 9mm thick plywood, laminated in a black finish, with a noticeable honeycomb/hexagonal “Stage Grip” pattern.

Unclip the strong main clasps and the unit folds out to become a full-sized DJ console, with a flat front facade, an internal area accessible from behind with a long shelf, and with two fold-out side panels to extend the size of the top table section, making it easily wide enough for two turntables or CDJs and a full-sized mixer.

Two holes in the central part of the top panel allow you to feed cables down into the unit for power etc, and the corners of the top section are rounded, with all edges finished with a robust and durable trim. All in all, it feels truly professional and built to last.

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The table has a neat facade at the front, with a small UDG logo.

In Use

This is a surprisingly compact console, with about 30cm of the total width of the sides of the top panel provided by fold-out table extensions, allowing it to take up a smaller footprint when assembled, and also allowing it to fold up smaller too. As such it should be practical for DJs in a variety of situations, from a small home studio to any size of venue – with the added advantage of being easy to transport in-between places.

We found we could easily use our full pro DJ set-ups with it (both Pioneer DJ and Denon DJ), and although the cables and rear of the DJ gear cannot be hidden from public view in this kind of design, the cable tidy holes provided made it easy to make everything look neat.

Angled side view of the DJ table with Denon DJ pro gear on top
Pro DJ set-ups (like the Denon DJ Prime) look right at home on this table.

We found the big shelf that runs the length of the unit to be useful, although a second shelf too would have been even better.

The only design decision we felt we should point out is this: Because the two “sides” of the top of the unit fold out, they aren’t as stable as the central part. However, put turntables or CDJs onto them and they soon firm up – we don’t think this will be an issue for most DJs.

The table folds out and in easily enough. Here you can also see the shelf, accessible from the DJ’s side of the unit.


This is the first portable DJ table like this we have ever reviewed, and it’s a good one. It is properly durable, feels well made, is clever in the way it folds out and back down again while staying as one piece. Really for what it is it takes up very little room, both when folded away and when in use.

The UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table Mk2 Plus is definitely heavy, which comes from it being made of quality materials and so is in no way a criticism, but that said we did appreciate the wheels built-in for moving it around. It’ll certainly be easier to transport than its big brother, the UDG Ultimate Flight Case Portable Z-Style DJ Table.

Front view of the bigger UDG Z-Style DJ Table being used by a turntablist
The larger Z-Style has about 12 kg on the Mk2 Plus, making transportation a bit more cumbersome.

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Because of its shape when folded away, this one would happily slide flat into the back of most cars, leaving most of the rest of the space for packing your other DJ gear away, which makes it a very practical design.

In short, if you’re looking for this type of DJ table, the Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table Black MK2 Plus is great, and it is well priced too. We’re happy to recommend it as a great all-rounder for any DJ wanting to step up to a professional, portable table.

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