Save The Vinyl #9: Vinyl Book-ends

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vinyl bookends
Last updated 30 November, 2017


Vinyl Bookend
Turn 2 cuts of your old vinyl into a pair of vinyl bookends. Pic: Serge Lescouarnec

Once a month on a Sunday, we have a think about what to do with the great big pile of unwanted vinyl records we have in our cupboard here at the Digital DJ Tips office. Of course we’ve kept some nostalgic and valuable discs, but we’ve got a lot of stuff that to be honest should never have been committed to record in the first place.

Realising that there are digital DJs the world over with similarly useless stockpiles of old records, we share these tips, and today, we’re going to show you how to make a dashing pair of vinyl book-ends.

Over to Shelly Lear at DIY Life for the details:

What you need:

  • Two vinyl albums
  • Enough hot water to fill the sink or a container and cover the bottom half of the album
  • Felt (or other fabric) to glue onto the base, to avoid scratching furniture
  • Glue

What you do:

  1. Boil lots of water to pour into the sink or the giant pan
  2. Dip the album into the water up to the bottom of the label, making sure your outside label is straight
  3. Start bending the album as it softens
  4. Take a utensil, and flatten the edges that are in the water as they start to ripple
  5. Remove the right angle album from the hot water and continue to flatten and smooth the bent end
  6. Cut a piece of felt to fit on the bottom of the album, and glue it to the bottom

Get the full instructions, pictures and further advice on this great way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon from the original article.

Got any uses for old vinyl you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments…

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