Serato DJ Pro & Lite 3.0 With Stems Launches – Exclusive Interview

Last updated 27 July, 2023

After a successful beta period, Serato has announced v3.0 of Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite. The much-anticipated stems feature is now officially ready for use in live settings, ushering in what Serato is calling “a new level of musical creativity that both DJs and audiences can look forward to experiencing”.

Watch the show

OP Miller from Serato’s NYC HQ kindly joined us on our Tuesday Tips Live show to talk about Serato 3.0, Stems, system requirements, how people are using it, little tips and tricks, and much more, and the community asked him many questions – come and watch the show to get a deeper understanding of the new release.

The revolutionary Stems format allows DJs to create four different audio stems in real-time, and control those stems independently while maintaining “the most supreme audio quality in the game”. Serato follows Virtual DJ and djay Pro AI in adding a stems feature to its software.

Stems showcased by Skratch Bastid

To celebrate this official release, Serato has paired up with Skratch Bastid, who has crafted a new routine that showcases some of the possibilities for DJs with the new Stems format (see below). The routine features songs from Fool’s Gold Records’ catalogue including tracks by The Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak and Dave1 of Chromeo); Boston-based producer Durkin; and Saturday Love, a collaboration between DJ/producer Kon and vocalist Fiorious.

Get the course: Serato DJ Made Easy

The Rane Four is the first controller with dedicated Stems buttons built-in, and was also announced today.

“Given the opportunity to be the first DJ to showcase these new features to the public, I wanted to use its powerful tools in a way that was easy to understand for everyone—from the DJ just starting out, to the experienced DJ, to the casual listener,” Skratch Bastid says of the routine.

“Serato Stems gives DJs more tools to help find the perfect mix. It opens up parts of the track that were previously inaccessible to a DJ’s live creativity. There is one juggle in this routine that is broken down in a way that I could never do live previous to these software features being available.”

Rane Four & macOS 13 Ventura support

In addition to the release of Stems, Serato is also announcing forthcoming support for the Rane Four, the first controller of its kind with dedicated stems controls. Check out our review of the Rane Four here.

Lastly, the release of Serato DJ Pro and Lite 3.0 brings official support for macOS 13 Ventura for most hardware – they have a page detailing this here.

Download the latest versions of Serato from the Serato website.

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