Spotify To Stream DJ Mixes & Remixes

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 April, 2018

Spotify just struck a deal with Dubset that will let users legally stream DJ mixes and remixes from the site.

Spotify just announced that it has reached a deal with niche legal DJ mix site Dubset, which will allow for DJ mixes and even single track remixes to be legally streamed from the music service. Additionally, listeners will be able to stream DJ radio shows and other mix shows previously unavailable on the platform due to licensing issues.

Earlier this year, Dubset made a similar deal with Apple Music. Dubset’s proprietary track identification technologies MixBank and MixScan let the company single out tracks and samples within DJ mixes and remixes: if there are no restrictions on them, the content then goes live on the streaming service.

There aren’t any specific details yet, but it was stated that not only do the rights holders of the compositions get paid, but also the creator of the remix, mixtape, or mashup.

Will I be able to upload my mixes?

There is no word just yet on when or you’ll be able to upload your own mixes, remixes, and mashups to Dubset for streaming on Spotify. If you’ve got a Mixcloud account for your DJ mixes (or SoundCloud for your productions), I’d still hold on to them. I wouldn’t hold my breath too: the Apple Music deal happened earlier this March, and at the time of this writing you still can’t upload mixtapes or remixes for streaming on the site. We’ll just have to sit tight until that happens…

• Check the Dubset website for more details.

What do you think about this new development? Might this kind of partnership be the final nail in SoundCloud’s coffin as far as DJ mixes, remixes, and mashups are concerned? Share your thoughts with us below.

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