Digital DJ Masterclass

Yesterday I played my first DJ gig … I don’t think this would be possible without your course.

“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I played my first DJ gig! I bought your Digital DJ Masterclass and I’ve been practising at home for about 4 months now. I made some DJ friends and I was invited to play at a beer party yesterday.

“It was no nightclub or whatever, and there where maybe 20 people that where really enjoying the music there, but that’s how we all start, right? The most important thing was that it all went well, I enjoyed myself, my friends couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and a guy even walked up to me and said that I was a good DJ. I saw some people dancing and nodding their heads, tapping their feet (everybody was there to drink or play pool, it’s not common to have a DJ at these parties here), so at the end it was a very positive beginning!

I don’t think this would be possible without your course and your helpful articles.
Thank you so much for what you do.”

Cleberson Pertile

You’ve been the key to my DJing career so far

It’s been amazing getting involved in all these courses and learning more and more about DJing. To begin with I thought I had DJing sussed, but man was I wrong – since signing up to this and getting involved in all the courses, my DJing and my DJing reputation and career have rocketed sky high, so I wanted to say a big big thank you to yourself and all you guys back at DDJT HQ because I couldn’t have done it without your help. I’ve played in some massive clubs across the UK, as well as corporate events – I even played at the Eden Project earlier this year! I’m also off too London in a few weeks to play at The Egg, and next year, I’ve been given the opportunity to accompany a good friend of mine (who’s a DJ in Ibiza and numerous other places) to go out to Ibiza with him and play with him out there. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but I know it can only get better! Thanks again you guys, you’ve been the key to my DJing career so far.

James Harvey, UK

Scratching For Controller DJs

It’s the first scratching course I’ve seen of its kind catering specifically for controller DJs

“Since making my series of online Turntable Tutorials, one of the most common questions I receive today is whether the same techniques can be performed on DJ controllers. It’s a sign of the times and proof that controllers have found their place as a reputable choice for todays DJs. It’s my belief that scratching and other turntablism style techniques can be applied to some level on most controllers however, the approach and “touch” may differ slightly from turntables and there are several additional factors and nuances to be explained regarding the various hardware and software choices on the market.

“It’s a difficult subject to cover by any means however, the guys at Digital DJ Tips have done a great job delivering all of the necessary information in their new Scratching For Controllers DJ Course. It’s the first scratching course I’ve seen of its kind catering specifically for controller DJs and level of detail Phil and Steve have gone to in their videos is commendable. The videos are clear, very thorough, and the course is set at a slow enough place for compete beginners to understand and digest comfortably.

“So for any controller DJs who’ve been looking for online tuition to help them add scratching skills to their repertoire, this could well be the course you’ve been waiting for.”

DJ Angelo – Twitter | YouTube | MySpace | Facebook | SoundCloud

I’m only on my second day and I’ve been able to do scratching better than the past three months trying to learn on my own…

I joined to help me understand and develop scratch skills for use on DJ controllers. I’m only on my second day and I’ve been able to do scratching better than the past three months trying to learn on my own… and this is just the beginning!! It’s so easy when someone to shows you the correct ways to do it. Thank you so much! 🙂

Brock Lazo – Las Vegas

It has helped set me apart from other DJs who never touch the jog wheels at all

“Before this course I held the common prejudice that scratching could only be done (or at least accepted) when performed on turntables… Which meant that I had a bag full of skills from my vinyl days that I wasn’t using because of lack of confidence. As soon as I saw Steve’s scratch demos it dawned on me… not only was it possible to scratch with a controller but you could do the art complete justice!

“This course gave me the confidence I was lacking and helped me get my gear and software tuned up to help, rather than hinder my progress. Since then I haven’t looked back and I have incorporated simple and advanced scratching – and even beat juggling – into my sets. Not only has this made my mixes more fun to perform, it has helped set me apart from other DJs who never touch the jog wheels at all. People connect to the visual performance in a way that they might not if you have your face stuck in your laptop all night. The audience can see and hear that I am manipulating the sounds manually and am having a ball doing it!

“I really like the pace and structure of the training videos, which lead you steadily from the basics to more advanced techniques. While I came to the course with some scratch skills already, as a teacher myself I quickly saw the value in Steve’s approach which clearly goes through the simplest elements and slowly builds on what you’ve just learned.

“The other thing that impressed me was how the team responded to questions and comments – often with a new video highlighting a point that students felt wasn’t quite clear the first time around. This helps to create a true classroom atmosphere in which you feel like part of a community working together – something online courses usually lack.

“Thanks to Steve, Phil and the DDJT community I’ve made a tonne of progress as a digital DJ in a very short time… to the point where I am now earning my sole income from DJing. Basically a dream come true! The tutors and the community of students always seem ready to help and elaborate on a topic so you never feel that you are studying the course in a vacuum.

“Scratching for Controllers DJs is presented in a friendly and down to earth fashion. No nonsense and no posturing – just simple techniques explained thoughtfully and thoroughly”

Chris Grigor – Vancouver, BC

If you ever wanted to learn how to add scratching to your DJ skills this is it!

“For years when I started to DJ, I tried to scratch but it never sounded right. I checked out some online videos for learning to scratch but none of them worked and most were based on turntables.

“When I came across this course I was worried that I would be wasting my money, but had the confidence to take the plunge because of the money-back guarantee. Now, after taking the course I am no Qbert, but I can now confidently pull off scratches when the time is right!

“The videos and explanations are very clear. Having a tutor available to watch & listen to your scratching and give constructive feedback and assistance was invaluable in itself. The online webinars where we were all able to interact with the tutor and ask questions were just amazing. I have made a bunch of new friends with the other students via the forum and was grateful to be able to both give and receive feedback from the other students on the same journey”

Philip Worrell – Nyon

This course is taught in a way that makes it nearly impossible not to grasp!

“Taking this course has boosted my confidence to a new level. I know that by practicing and applying what I’ve learnt it allows me to perform in a manner that would have taken me years to figure out on my own.

“Initially I was concerned that I might not learn much and that it wouldn’t help me get taken seriously as a controller DJ, but after taking the plunge, I realized that it’s the technique that matters most and scratching with a controller will wow an audience, because it’s passion combined with mastering the techniques that makes you successful.

“The feature I liked best about the course was the slow methodical approach to the lessons. Each lesson is covered thoroughly and is not too long which allows time to practice and absorb the content you’ve just learned. Thumbs up to the fact that I can login and refresh myself on any lesson whenever I want. I appreciated having access to the instructors and being able to communicate with everyone enrolled in the course just like an on-line college class. The information I have learnt is well worth the price for the course, thank you is an understatement!”

Chris Raiff – Dayton, OH

If you want to speed up your learning you should take this course

“When I was thinking of buying the course I was really struggling with this question: Does having the skill to scratch make me a better DJ and will it bring me closer to my dream? When I made the decision to buy the course I still wasn’t sure….

“After a week or two of lessons the feeling was amazing, I was learning really fast and enjoyed every challenge the course had to offer. First things first, I can now scratch! Learning to scratch brought a lot of feeling of “control” over my music for me. Before this course I didn’t really touch the “turntables” of my controller at all but now I use them all the time and with confidence. It really brings a whole new element to my DJing. Using scratching in the middle of your sets is a really nice way to spice things up or just lift up the atmosphere.

“The best thing about the course was the pace of the training, everything is so detailed and you can take all the time you need to complete each section and learn each technique. The slow motion practice drills were also an amazing feature!”

Joel Muhonen – Helsinki

If you need an excellent refresher, this is the course to take!

“To my surprise this course greatly improved my vinyl/DVS scratching, teaching me where I was going wrong. My scratching has improved hugely, no more “slave” to the BPM!

“The videos and explanations are very clear and concise. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, if you just got your first controller or you come from vinyl or you use DVS, this course teaches the technique that’s transferrable to any gear”.

Ricardo Thomas – New York

If you don’t have time and money for a personal tutor then this could just be the thing your looking for

“This has given me a lot of pleasure and really enabled me to learn something I don’t think I would otherwise have had the time to learn. I am still learning and have a long way to go before I will get to where I want to go although I now know where it is I am heading whereas before, scratching was merely just a “nice idea”!

“I like the bite size chunks in the training, the forum and feedback with the tutor. But mostly I like the ability to go at my own pace, enabling me to have a healthy work/life/scratching balance. Also the one off life-time time payment that gives access to all future content that comes along is a great bonus.

“If you don’t have the time and money to have a personal trainer or you are not near anyone who can teach you then this course could just be the thing your looking for”

Rob (AKA Parafinn) – Bristol UK

Outstanding course, well worth the money…

“I was concerned about spending decent money for a video course for what for me is just a “hobby”, but afterwards it felt like money well spent. The course was well thought out, well built, inspiring, clear, nicely paced and easy to understand.

“It has boosted my confidence to the level where I started gigging regularly, and I also do some scratching on every gig! Whenever I, or someone else got stuck or had any questions about anything, a story to tell, a recorded practice session for review, Steve and the other classmates always answered quickly and gave tips on how to improve. The online seminars were also great fun”. 🙂

Tuomas Helander – Helsinki

The pleasure of scratching is no longer something that’s out-of-reach and confined to the vinyl DJs

“I was initially concerned how scratch techniques could be applicable and pulled off using controller jogwheels. I had no doubt that Digital DJ Tips had the answers, and I was right to keep the faith!

“Even with the basic baby scratch it’s great fun to add that over the top of a less busy section of a tune for extra flavour. As I improve, I get more confident that I know when & where to throw the intermediate/advanced scratches in. Even though I’m nowhere close to the advanced techniques section (yet), it’s motivational to see what’s possible with a controller. Steve’s got a great way of teaching the skills but without making the lessons too difficult to follow.

“Don’t for a second hesitate in getting this thorough, well-paced and logically constructed course. For those of us who’ve waited years to finally learn on our controller – the pleasure of scratching is no longer something that’s out-of-reach and confined to the vinyl DJ”

Aatish – Frankfurt

It is 100% worth the money, the time spent, and the sore arm and wrist muscles from hours of rhythmic pulsing on the crossfader!

“I never thought I could apply scratching within my style of music (anywhere from jackin’ house to techno) and I was hesitant to go for it it. I figured it might open up opportunities though anyway, so I decided I’d take the course after all. The course was amazing. The “classes” or videos were clearly articulated and explained, and the way it was taught was so easy to learn.

“I also love being able to refer back to any videos at any time I want, because that allows me to learn at my own pace. Being in college, another scheduled class is the last thing I need, so this was a nice change of pace. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my DJ’ing career. I feel so much more in control now of beat-matching and scratching, and I also feel more familiar with my gear. Having this confidence has let me mix in whole new ways, and the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve realized the possibilities that are still awaiting me to master.

“Both Steve and Phil had an amazingly simple and easily understandable way of explaining things to the common person. They weren’t all caught up in technical jargon or asserting their superiority at the skill. I enjoyed this and it made this the best and easiest DJ (or musical in general) course I’ve ever taken. It is 100% worth the money, the time spent, and the sore arm and wrist muscles from hours of rhythmic pulsing on the crossfader… you will definitely be happy you decide to take it! :)”

James Corcoran – Lexington

If you want to introduce yourself to the fun of this scratching this is the way for you to do it without having to go through a lot of trial and error!

“I was wondering if it was going to be as thorough as I hoped it would be, and it was exactly what I needed to take my DJing to a whole new level. The pointed videos help you cut straight to the best way to acquire the skills necessary to take your game to the next level. Although I used to scratch back in the stone age when I used vinyl, I had started to blend primarily when I was using the controller. Taking this course helped to bring back the fun that I had when I was using vinyl. The videos were phenomenal! I have no idea how this could be any better!

“If you want to introduce yourself to the fun of this scratching this is the way for you to do it without having to go through a lot of trial and error!”

Harold Peaks – New York

I can’t believe that something I found impossible to master for years was so easy to learn

“I learnt to DJ on vinyl years ago and couldn’t scratch on that so I was worried it was me and that nothing would help! I could not have been more wrong…

“Steve’s method is so easy to follow and, with enough practice, you can master the basics very quickly. Once you have that, the creativity flows and you progress at an amazing rate.

“I was amazed how quickly I got a response to any queries I raised… this isn’t just a “do what I say” course; it is truly interactive and the the support is quick and friendly and it’s “real world” training.. not just a couple of videos and being left to blunder along.

“Just try it.. I can’t believe that something I found impossible to master for years was so easy to learn”.

DjCoops – Ayr, Queensland

You have to try the Scratch course from Digital DJ Tips – an amazing In depth course and a great support network!

“I was obviously concerned about can I justify the cost of the course, I’m a part time DJ, do I really need to do it? But I bit the bullet and committed to the course and it was fantastic!

“It’s a really well put together course, the video content is awesome, simple and effective. I’m still active in the forum over a year later and still getting the support from Steve and the guys! Thanks!!

“I had just moved country and had a break from DJing for a couple of years. This course got me back to what I love and helped me get back out there performing again. Since the course I have had the confidence to get out there and get gigs, and slowly but surely I’m building a rep in my new city in a new country.

“The forum was great loads of support from Steve and the team and talking to people going through the same learning curve as yourself and listening to people’s practice sessions was great!”

Lee Stevens – Melbourne, Aus

The course is totally worth it!

“I wasn’t sure that learning via the internet would work for me so I was delighted by how well the course worked. I’m much more comfortable with my hands on the jogwheels and I dominate my S4 now!

“I have scratched a little at a show and it went down very well. The videos are extremely clear and really break down the essence of each technique. I like the real life practice lessons following along with the same scratch tracks used in the videos.

“Thanks to Steve and Phil for helping a late-starter (me) learn to DJ and scratch!”

Peter Gits – White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA

It’s transformed my confidence at a high level and now I’m not afraid to try new things

“I really had no concerns before enrolling in Scratching For Controller DJs, I was just very excited that someone could teach me the fundamentals of scratching whether it was on turntables or controllers.

“My experience of taking the training was awesome! Even though I’m not “great” yet, the more I practice the better I’m getting even if it’s 30 min at a time… It’s transformed my confidence at a high level and now I’m not afraid to try new things with scratching and taking risks in my DJ sets. I really liked the slow motion playback of the scratch techniques and just all the different scratches that are in the program to learn the crab & transformer etc… Plus Steve is always on point in getting back to you if you have a question. Last but not least the course is mine for life and I can go thru it at my own pace. You guys are just on fire with this course and I would change nothing!

“Take the plunge you will never regret taking this course and it’s worth every penny”

Steve Blizzard – Latham N.Y

Pro Mixtape Formula

I’ve never seen any book or other course that comes close… It’s worth every cent you spent and every second you watch

“I had only ever made mixtapes on cassettes (many years ago). The results were great for personal use and giving it to friends, but from a quality perspective they were far away from the mixes you can buy on CD or find on sites like Mixcloud or Soundcloud.

“After taking this course I can now produce a mixtape with minimal time and effort and achieve excellent results that I can use for promotional purposes on CD/stick or online. It feels really good to have material out to show any promoter, club owner or bar manager what I am capable of. Working on mixtapes forces me to think differently about music giving me a completely new perspective on songs and how to mix them together in various ways I did not come up with before.

“This course is so spot on – there was not one second of superfluous or redundant information. It covers the technical parts of recording, editing, levelling, mastering and distributing the mixes, but has also a very inspiring introduction that helped a take away my fear of getting started recording my mixes at all.

“I loved it, it was excellent content and very inspirational. I’ve never seen any book or other course that comes close. it’s worth every cent you spent and every second you watch”

Paul van Groove – Bonn (Germany)

There is nothing like it on the net

“I have finished this course and re-done parts of it, and all I can say is, it’s frikkin’ brilliant! This is the best course on how to record your own mixes and best of all fix those mistakes that we all make.

“There is nothing like it on the net that I can find, and believe me I have searched. As an amateur home DJ for friends and such like, this course will prove invaluable. I found the lessons easy to follow whilst still giving that feeling that you have achieved something.

“Thanks and keep up the good work”

AllyFiveO – Scotland

The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ

Another well written, superbly presented, professional bible…

I wanted to take the time to offer you a massive cyber handshake and to say thank you for the wonderful, inspiring and life changing work you and the team are accomplishing with Digital DJ Tips. This site has single-handedly helped me to shift from a lost DJ novice working a dull daytime job, to having the confidence to do what I love to do and get paid for it. I have just downloaded the Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ course and it’s another well written, superbly presented, professional bible that seems written especially for me! So once again, thank you!

Steve (“LoveLand”).

How To Digital DJ Fast

Phil’s video course was probably the best money I invested in a very long time

I would like to take a moment to thank Phil and all the contributors at DJTT! Yesterday I landed a residency at a new lounge bar for a deep house evening twice a month. I couldn’t have done it without this website. Phil’s video course was probably the best money I invested in a very long time and all the articles on this site helped a lot, but the thing I appreciate most is the friendly and constructive tone that Phil and everybody else use on the site and the forum, this builds confidence, not only for me but I think for a lot of newbies. Everybody needs a mentor, and this site has been my mentor for the last half year and will continue to stay my mentor for a long time I hope.

Though reading about DJing is no substitute to actually spinning those tunes, it does help a lot and gives you a lot of insight into what and why you’re actually doing what you do. I never knew about gain staging, booth outs, cables, cues, how to deal with club owners, and so many other things untill I read about them on DDJT. Also the fact that the writers of the articles actively respond in the comments and the forum helps a lot. Some of my other friends are Djs as well, yet they don’t really read about it at all. I feel I have an advantage over them cause reading about it forces you to think about what you’re doing and why and being involved in your art is always a good thing.

I bought my first controller in November 2011. Since that time I’ve been playing out at least once a month, I’ve organized a two day festival with more then 20 bands and DJs performing and 500 visitors, landed a residency and to top it off, I will be giving DJ lessons in a summer camp in the US this summer! While I still have a lot to learn, I can say that DDJT has made life a lot easier.

Electricbloom, from our forum

I paid $200 for a “Master DJ Course” online and quickly refunded it because it did not compare…

Man I love this stuff. Your vids were a great help. In fact my only help. Haven’t even played in front of a crowd yet, and already there’s a rush whenever I nail a mix. I paid $200 for a “Master DJ Course” online and quickly refunded it literally one hour later because it did not compare to your “How to Digital DJ Fast” course. Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it!

Dereck, Jasper, GA, USA

Your program works, and I can personally attest to that…

Just wanted to let you know that I got the NS6 the week of October 26th, watched the video series in full again and played my first show Friday night. Not counting a few months of basic messing around with a VCI-300 and an initial review of the first three videos – that’s a three-week window.

Your program works, and I can personally attest to that. It wasn’t perfect, and I made some minor mistakes live, but there are still people coming up to me saying how it was one of the best nights they’ve had in D.C. and the music killed!

So, this message is just to thank you again for the advice – both on set-up and kit (very glad to have chosen the NS6 over the DDJ-S1) and for the video series. I could have literally read every DDJT article on performing live (which I did), watched lots of YouTube videos on beatgridding and technique (which I did), called myself a DJ (which, honestly and shamefully, I did) – but without those videos, I most definitely wouldn’t have turned all of that around so quickly – playing a gig live in three weeks.

Brandon “Cool Cats” Ball, Washington, DC, USA.

Your course gave me the polish and the edge and more importantly, the confidence to get up and give it a go.

Since buying How To Digital DJ Fast just a short time ago, I have played my first live gig and received such a huge reception they offered me the Saturday night residency!

As I set up my decks and laptop, I don’t mind telling you I was crapping myself silly! I almost pulled the fuse from the laptop lead and told them I couldn’t do it. Then, as I took a deep breath and cued up my first tune, I had flashbacks from your video course and a calm came over me as I remembered seeing you sitting there telling me I could do it.

By an hour in, the crowd were going at it hammer and tongs! I had been told (when I scoped the joint the previous night and talked to the current resident Friday DJ) that they were a fickle crowd and would often leave if they didn’t like what they heard, but these people were dancing in every available space and singing to my remixes with their arms in the air. It was the most amazing experience of my life and one I will never, ever forget.

As a few people left to go to different clubs, they came over and shook my hand and told me it was the best night they’d had in Beijing and at the end of the night I couldn’t move for people wanting ‘just one more song’ and knocking knuckles.

I want to thank you yet again for your video course. Maybe I could have done it without it, but I doubt it. Your course gave me the polish and the edge and more importantly, the confidence to get up and give it a go. I’m not looking back! Oh, and it took a lot less than four weeks! 😉

Juddz, Beijing, China

I found your lessons on organising, beat matching, beat timing, and mixing to be so helpful and to help me build up the confidence to go out and play at clubs…

I just finished up my residency playing a my local bar and it was phenomenal. I live outside a town with a population of 1500. Started to DJ about 3 years back on laptop software. The club that I worked at is called The Hayloft, and old barn in the middle of nowhere turned into a licensed bar. Traditionally they’ve had classic rock, country and old school hip-hop. To be able to bring in a completely different element was nerve wracking at first but it worked out there. Playing tracks from artists like Arvin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Audien, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia and so on. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that thanks to people like you and all the great artists out there, people like me are getting out of their rooms and booking club gigs and getting house music in a non-traditional place and the crowds love it. I found your lessons on organising, beat matching, beat timing, and mixing to be so helpful and to help me build up the confidence to go out and play at clubs. Thanks again and cheers!
Dave Hurst

Thanks Phil, I played my first official gig and had the dancefloor full after my third track…

Thanks Phil, this week I played my first official gig and had the dancefloor full after my third track. I guess in main part I have leaned to DJ from your How To Digital DJ fast course which I bought last year and the advice from your fantastic site and regular emails. I use a Traktor S4 controller… forgot to say I’m 50 yrs old!… decided to learn to DJ for my 50th birthday party January this year and did so with the help of your site. So this week (Wednesday night) I stepped into the shoes of a DJ who had let down an event at the last minute and played a 2.5-hour house set to 500 people from all over the world at a conference evening dinner. It went down a storm and I’ve been buzzing off it ever since… so a big, big thank you!

John Timperley, UK

I can thankfully say that since completing this course, I have done one pool party which was a massive success and this weekend I will be doing my first paid gig in a club…

I have completed the Digital DJ Tips How To Digital DJ Fast online intensive DJ course to get you playing gigs in four weeks. Although some of the topics were things that I knew, there is a difference between relatively just knowing and having it laid out for you in one whole package in a logical order. It really changed my mindset on how I need to approach this DJ thing and it obviously taught me things that I did not know.

After completing the course I feel more rounded and for the first time I actually feel like I know what direction to take on how to teach myself, rather than stumbling in the dark and hoping that I form the correct habits. It also gave me the motivation to get out there and get serious, as I was a bedroom DJ for six years. I can thankfully say that since completing this course, I have done one pool party which was a massive success and this weekend I will be doing my first paid gig in a club.

So I would like to say in general the course and the website are a wholesome resource and I am so thankful that I discovered it, as it has added so much value to my progression as a DJ.

Ross de Souza

I owe you a ton of thanks for all the help. The way you communicate things is amazing and I’m so thankful.

I just would like to extend my gratitude to your company and share my story with you. DJing has always been something I’ve been interested in since I worked in a record store over 14 years ago. In February I decided I wanted to dive head first into it, give it a try and so I didn’t regret trying it later in life. I had a DJ friend that helped me out with what to purchase (DDJ-SX and a MacBook Pro), then I turned to your website for about 95% of all my information. I purchased your hhot To Digital Dj Fast videos and read several of your articles. I read everything I could from you about beatmixing, marketing, and all other knowledge I could get my hands on.

Like I said I started in February with purchasing everything and as of today after only 6 months my resume looks like: My first show was June 11th. I played a private pool party June 22nd making $500. I had an grand opening night opportunity at one of the newest clubs in town. I turned it down because it wasn’t a good fit for me! An employee that saw my first show recommended me to one of the top 5 clubs in Salt Lake City, UT. I was given a one night trial, and after 4 weeks the owner offered me the Friday night residency job.

I just accepted the Thursday night at the bar where my first show was at.I just took 4th place out of 78 entries in a local festival DJ competition.I was selected to participate in a DJ competition at one of the large clubs in Salt Lake.

I owe you a ton of thanks for all the help. The way you communicate things is amazing and I’m so thankful.
Butch Wolfthorn, Salt Lake City

After four constant hours of practice (using Phil’s method) I was able to MANUALLY BEATMATCH 20 consecutive tracks

All I can say is wow. I recommend this to any new blood. I am brand new to the art of DJ. I bought my first controller two weeks ago. I purchased the course on 8/31/12. After four constant hours of practice (using Phil’s method) I was able to MANUALLY BEATMATCH 20 consecutive tracks on 9/1/12. I covered my BPM meters to resist cheating. The only point I am trying to make is that for two weeks, I was just loading tracks and playing music… because I had NO IDEA WHAT I should be PRACTICING as the art. The course laid it all out for me.

Now, I won’t be a super DJ in 4 weeks,but if I commit myself to as much practice on the ENTIRE COURSE as I did the first day I got the course… I will be ready to be in front of SOMEBODY’S audience. Thanks for the course, Phil!

Thomas “DJ 8X” Williams

This video series is top notch. TOP NOTCH!

Kudos MUST be given to Phil’s “Learn to Digital DJ Fast” video course. I have never in my life experienced such an informative (and downright FUN) resource. It has been my experience that experienced DJs are in no way willing to help up-and-coming DJs learn the art/craft of spinning music, and often the new DJ will either get frustrated and give up (I’ve seen it happen with others, and nearly did it myself), or they will keep at it and SLOWLY teach themselves how to DJ properly… many times missing out on the killer techniques that separate the average DJ from the great.

With Phil, I received not only a tremendous refresher on popular and varied DJ techniques, but I also learned A LOT as well. Keep in mind that I haven’t even WATCHED ALL THE VIDS YET!!! The 9th Video (Mixing Techniques) is worth the price of admission alone, as mixing (along with beatmatching) is one of the techniques most DJs struggle with the most. It’s also great to be reminded of the “rookie mistakes” we’ve all made as we learn to rock a party. Bravo – this video-series is top-notch. TOP NOTCH!)

“Jam-Master” Jake Giossi, Anchorage, Alaska

I can’t thank you enough for helping me make my dream come true

Hey, it’s Mike (Fxn-L from the forums). I just wanted to let you know about my very first FIVE HOUR gig at a hookah bar and lounge last night, and how much I value the skills I acquired through your video series.

I think of myself mostly as an EDM DJ and so I’m in my comfort zone with house, techno, trance, and breakbeat. Maybe even a little bit of dubstep once in a while. A hookah bar I frequent at least 4 days a week has live DJs on occasion and I casually mentioned that I know a little bit and would love to DJ if they ever needed help if one of their DJs fell out. Turns out, they needed help and asked me.

At your advice, I knew to check the clientele so I made sure I was prepared and had rap, R&B, old skool, and crossover tracks. Using the mixing techniques and your philosophy that “you don’t have to be slumped over the laptop trying to make things perfect, they want to see you looking at them and having a good time”, I was able to DJ for five hours straight. I was able to jump between hip-hop and R&B as well as switch it up and throw on things that were a little bit more my style, and practise mixing there as well.

But most of all, I remembered your advice to just have fun and that making mistakes is completely okay. After all, everyone ended up having at the very least a decent time. I even got tipped and all cover charges went directly into my pocket!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank you and your writers for developing such a fantastic course. I don’t think I would have been able to DJ five hours of trying to furiously blend mix hip-hop & R&B without it – it would have been a nightmare. Your course saved me! Thanks so much.

PS An update – I got so much positive feedback from the patronage that I am now the weekend resident DJ at the lounge! I can’t thank you enough for helping me make my dream come true.

Mike (DJ Fxn-L)

The section on building and organising your music collection is DJ gold…

When I first saw the link to the How To Digital DJ Fast online course, I was intrigued to see what it covered since I recently spent over £500 on a course at my local DJ school to help me get the most out of my digital setup. When I saw what each video covered and then the price, I have to say I was more than a bit gutted! But for the sake of the good of all, here are my views on How To Digital DJ Fast in comparision to my “bricks and mortar” course.

In terms of the skills on mixing, the courses compare very well and I even picked up a few new tricks along the way. The details on digital setups go far beyond what I was taught (based more on CDJs) and really help cut through to what you really need. In particular, the section on building and organising your music collection is DJ gold; this stuff will make it so much easier to program a good set and wasn’t even covered in my local course. Whilst the DDJT videos didn’t cover things like online profiles & event promotion, the DDJT blog has some excellent articles on this, which I have learned a lot from.

Phil seems a natural in front of the camera and gets his points across very well, always reminding you what is most important. Although my local course went a little further technically (such as effects, three decks, acappellas, DVS setup), the DDJT course is called “How to Digital DJ Fast” and focuses on getting you ready to play your first gig – and that is exactly what it does.

The only proviso is, don’t forget you will actually have to practise!

Andy Shef, DJ/Producer, Manchester, UK – Here’s Andy’s Onesheet and Soundcloud

The video series which helped launch my DJ career!

Hello all! DJ Justin here aka DJ Cubby as well. I wanted to put this post up to share some exciting news with you all! So a few short weeks ago I purchased Phil’s Digital DJ program when it was still in the pre release stages and I had a really hard time believing that the claims of being able to go from bedroom digital dj to a club was absurd, especially here in Hollywood!

I followed all the advice on there, a couple weeks later made a demo CD, took it to a local club where I had the opportunity to meet the promoter in charge of booking and I gave it to him for a listen. He assured me he would listen to it and get back to me with feedback… WELL I am super stoked to announce that I just got off the phone with him and I am BOOKED for my Hollywood DJ premiere on Sunday, November 27th at 5pm at a club called RESET LA! …

I wanted to thank Phil for making the video series which helped launch my DJ career! I highly recommend this course to anyone, beginner to advanced as he covers a lot of the essential aspects of being a digital DJ that some of us may forget or lose sight of throughout our evolution as DJs … Thanks again!

DJ Justin Original post and replies on the forum

I would have started digital djing years ago if this had been around to quash my “could not do” fear.

Bought the course when you pre launched earlier this year. It’s fantastic!! Brought my skills from zero to understanding how to DJ within days! Now just practise, practise, practise. One hundred times better than reading a book on how to DJ and hundreds of times cheaper that going on an expensive tutor-led course. I would have started digital DJing years ago if this had been around to quash my “could not do” fear.

I was surprised to receive my controller guide today and I must say what a fantastic informative guide to help wade through the controller minefield. Would make a fantastic Christmas present for any budding DJ to show them the way. Keep up the good work Digital DJ Tips team. You are a DJ essential!


How To Digital DJ Fast is really worth the money

“This is a one-stop shop for digital DJing and puts you firmly on the right track. There is lot of information in this course so if you are in two minds about how, when and where to buy gear or the best way to find music, Phil shares his experience on all of this right from the start. Particularly you really should not miss last three videos. They have completely brought back my confidence in “facing the crowd” and keeping people on the floor. How To Digital DJ Fast is really worth the money.”
Glylon “DJ Gly on Fly” Rodrigues, Doha Qatar ( Middle East)

I know I can now make that giant leap from bedroom to booth

“I have several friends here who have bars and clubs who are constantly asking me to play. While I have the will and drive to do it, I didn’t previously have the confidence to stand up and be counted. With the aid of your videos and the reignited passion for DJing that these have already instilled in me, I know I can now make that giant leap from bedroom to booth. Yours in debt.”
Tu Kai (Kyle), Beijing, China

These videos are ace. I will definitely be recommending them.

I’m loving the videos (stayed up last night to watch the first 3!), you speak a lot of truth and these videos are ace. I will definitely be recommending them.

Trevor Swayne

It’s worth every penny! Awesome tips…

Just got your tutorial guys. It’s worth every penny! Awesome tips… I haven’t even finished the third video yet!

Aswinth Ram

You guys do a magnificent job

I was able to grab the DJ course for “early bird” discount price. Most awesome work there. I have never had a coach to teach me. Also, signing up a while ago for the Digital DJ Tips newsletter has helped me a lot. You guys do a magnificent job with the site and even more with that DJ course.

Please please continue this awesome work as I’m really eager to see what else is about to come and where all this newly gained knowledge will take me.


The course looks great!

Although I haven’t had the chance to fully check it out yet, the course looks great. I immediately signed up for it, even if I’m not a beginner at digital anymore (thanks to you, for the most part).

I then wanted to thank you for all the FREE resources and knowledge you provide and share with your website and newsletters. I must also add that the way you’ve built your entire brand in a year or so is absolutely brilliant work. Just wanted to say that to you.


Digital DJ Tips

You have been generous enough to share this knowledge which I often find some DJs unwilling to…

I would just like to thank you Phil for the advice, time and effort you put into creating this DJ community. I have only been apart of your forum for just over a month now but over this time have gained a vast knowledge about this craft. Over this time period I purchased a controller and have been practising and enjoying the creative aspects.

As I gained my confidence with some bedroom DJ mixes which received some praise from friends, I was asked to DJ for an 18th birthday party which would have over 100 guests. My initial reactions were fear and nervousness as I tentatively accepted three days prior to the event. As I organised myself for the gig, comments started to circulate “I hope there is stuff we know”. When it came to gig last night, rain forced people to squash undercover to create a very intimate and dense crowd. I received strange looks that suggested “What the hell is doing”, as Beyonce played on the PA.

My confidence was quite low at this stage as I was unsure how the crowd would react to the unfamiliar House and Dance music which was as far as I knew only big amongst a handful. Getting ready to mix in from an iPod, I decided to go with on of my more favoured tracks to try and gain a good reaction. As the main melody set off and the bass kicked in my confidence grew immensely because of my faith in the song. Within the first couple of tracks people were starting to show an appreciation for the music.

Soon after everybody was up dancing and jumping around. Everyone was enjoying themselves, so much so that deck became overcrowded and had to be evacuated because of a fear of it collapsing. It was crazy. I set up elsewhere after that issue and continued to play for three hours. I dropped in tracks from all different genres from progressive house, pop and even some funky deep house tunes.

Sure I made mistakes, but more importantly I gained that experience of playing in front of a crowd. To have people enjoy and dance to the music you love is such a satisfying feeling. I learnt to be confident in my songs and to have faith in the music. I am so thrilled to have had that first gig.

The thing I learnt most about the night was that people don’t care for mixing skills, as long as songs changed smoothly and the rhythm continued everyone was happy. No one cared for tricks and effects, my mediocre mixing skills were enough for the crowd to enjoy themselves. What you say is exactly right, DJing isn’t about tricks and flair it’s about the combination of the crowd and the music.

Thank you Phil for the sharing your years of experience with me and many others. You have been generous enough to share this knowledge which I often find some DJs unwilling to. Your passion for music is reflected by your efforts to enhance the DJing community. I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours. Thank You.

Ryan, Sydney, Australia

Thank you for giving me something interesting to read

I just wanted to thank you for giving me something interesting to read during my breaks at work.

I’m a journalist with the Minnesota Air National Guard, so I spend a fair amount of time reading articles online of a military slant; your reviews and dj culture articles are a nice change of pace for me.

Anyway, as a MIDI controller enthusiast and self professed music snob, I just wanted to express my gratitude for you and your website.

Scott Herrington

I love the tone and unpretentiousness of this site

Just thought I would drop you a line congratulating you on a fantastic blog/web site.

I love the tone and unpretentiousness of this site you have created. I thought I might only visit it a couple of times, due to being a vinyl DJ (only using djay on my iPad as a second source), but the topics you cover relate to dinosaurs like me as well as these whippersnappers with macs!

It is a great source and guide for seasoned as well as new DJs. I shall champion this site to all.

John (@shiftydisco)

Thank you so much for your help

I have been a subscriber to your website for a while now, and have read so many back issue articles that I feel like I have been reading for years! I recently got my first DJ gig, a wedding, purely attained through word of mouth from friends that new I had been a “bedroom DJ” for a while now. I can’t tell you how nervous I was, but afterwards it as all worth it!

Thanks to your many articles, I knew that I had to DJ live in front of real people in order to get better at DJing. I also learned that you can’t be picky when it comes to what you are hired for (I didn’t want to do weddings, much less a country one!). In the end, I received a lot of praise, and many requests for cards, which I didn’t bring, for potential future gigs! Not to mention, near the end of the reception, once everyone was dancing on the floor and I started mixing more top-40 remixes along with common wedding line dances, it made me feel so good. People were jumping and dancing and singing and looking at me with great big smiles.

I will say I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without your tips! Which is why I immediately bought your How To Digital DJ Fast video series when I got the e-mail this morning, I’ve already watched a couple videos and am excited to learn even more.

Thank you so much for your help and I’m looking forward to more tips in the future!

Mike Pasque

Great job!

I just want to let you know that I LOVE your website and am a daily (sometimes more) reader. I just think it’s awesome what you are doing. I’ve been a bedroom DJ for almost two years and nothing makes me happier then mixing music. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your site and I do my best to let anyone I know that’s interested in becoming a DJ to check it out. Also because of YOUR SITE I’ve done two house parties recently and am looking into getting a few local club gigs. Playing music in my home is one thing. But playing for people and seeing them have the best time of their lives because of what I’m doing behind my controller is the best feeling in the world. To know that you just may have made someone’s night. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dominic Tessmer, St. Louis, MO USA

Your contribution to “humankind”!

If you were to decide to “pass on” let me ASSURE you, your dedication, diligence & dynamic DJ aplomb so openly shared, guarantees you a privileged place in Heaven (Costa Del Sol, Ibiza, the “Jersey Shore” or any bed & breakfast of your choice). I anxiously read, re-read & archive your posts. I thoroughly enjoy your work. As much as I love what you do, it just dawned on me how much positive influence you must have on legions of “newbies”.

Thanx, doesn’t seem to be enough! Thanx anyway.

Ken Tobin

Your free book and course for beginning DJs is simply fantastic

Hi Phil,

I’ve really been enjoying your site lately so I thought I’d take a few moments to tell you that I think you deserve a lot of props for what you’ve created with Digital DJ Tips. Your genuine passion and enthusiasm for for DJing and technology are shining through all aspects of your work with the site.

I’ve always believed that most endeavors are a reflection of the people that are at the heart of their creations and though I’ve never met you, it’s my strong impression that your personal integrity, generosity and good nature a large part of what makes it so enjoyable to visit DDJT. I never get the feeling that I’m being “sold” a product or a point of view, either. And lest I forget, your free book and course for beginning DJs is simply fantastic offering and a win-win way to draw people to your site.


I read your site daily, it has become my daily bread.

Your site is an AMAZING resource. I’m sure you hear this constantly and it may get old after a while. Well tough, it needs to be said. I’ve been out of the scene for 10 years and am just now returning. In 3 weeks of browsing your articles and 2 days of watching your videos, I have learned more and become a better DJ than I ever did after nearly 5 years of standing behind a pair of Technics spinning trance. Some of the credit needs to go to the wonderful world of technology and digital DJ controllers, but most of it goes to Phil. I read your site daily, it has become my daily bread.”

“Jam-Master” Jake Giossi, Anchorage, Alaska

Your free videos have been very helpful and have served as a great resource for my students.

“I wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you for the great resources that you are providing online. I have restructured my electronic music course here at Burr and Burton Academy and have created a large unit on the digital DJ. Your free videos have been very helpful and have served as a great resource for my students. I personally have developed quite a profound respect for the knowledge required to DJ successfully.

“Your instructions have been concise and well sequenced, serving as a great model of the structure of my instructional unit. I have been able to teach song structure, tempo, steady beat, key signature and more as a result of moving my course in this direction. I still have a great deal to learn and will be working with your other paid video later this fall. Thank you again for providing such a great service.”

Neil Freebern, Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester, VT