Friday Roundup: How I Survived America’s First-Ever Rave Tour

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Those who think Paris Hilton will kill Ibiza with her residency at Amnesia this summer have got short memories, argues one of our featured articles this week.

What with new staff members to train, another full section of the Digital DJ Masterclass finished, and rapidly approaching summer holidays (yes, we take breaks too…), we’ve been flat out here this week! But that didn’t stop us following with interest the developing Paris Hilton story, smiling from ear to ear at an excellent article about the first rave tour of the USA, and enjoying some great pictures of the silliest turntables you’ll ever likely see. It’s all in the Friday Roundup….

  1. How I Survived America’s First-Ever Rave Tour – If you thought EDM was year zero for raving in America, here’s an eye-opener for you: The story of a writer for Australia’s In The Mix, who found himself enlisted in Moby’s band, touring the States way back in 1993… Read more
  2. Why Paris Hilton Won’t Ruin Ibiza – With all the uproar about Paris Hilton landing a residence at Amnesia in Ibiza for this summer, Ben Gomori at advises calm and caution…Read more
  3. Spotted: 7″ Technics SL-700 Turntable In The Wild! – Our friends over at DJWorx have some amazing pictures of a little pair of 7″ turntables… probably the most impractical yet loveable item we’ve seen all year Read more

Do you remember raving before, well, EDM? Do you agree that Ibiza needs to stay calm and carry on? And are you now hankering after 7″ Technics? Let us know your thoughts below…

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