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    Dear Readers, Regulars, DJs or Beginners,

    It has been a long journey for me here, but time moves on and so does how the internet is used.
    So for various reasons the forums will switch completely to social media and our involvement there will increase.
    Hence we can no longer sustain working here on the forum as Chuck and I are volunteers and so we reached the decision with Phil (founder of DDJT) to close this chapter.

    Is this a sad thing? Well not for me as the development is inevitable.
    I have been DJing for more than 20 years and DJing changed drastically from the belt driven turntables I started out on, via CDJs to the wonderful controllers we have today. Every step of the way I felt I could express myself more musically than with the previous generation of gear.
    The same here, yes I have been involved with this forum for a long time. When this thing started with Phil he asked me to join his team and I remember the first time I met Phil in person in Frankfurt and we were only dreaming about what this site could become. Now it has become even more than we could dream of.
    I am so very proud how far this site has come and that I am a part of this.

    Hence this is not farewell but rather a change of the mode of communication. I was so involved with the forum that I rarely had time to checkout the Facebook site etc. so of course I will try to get more involved there and still try to give you guys as much support as I can.

    Also Chuck and I will be at BPM show this year with the DDJT team, so maybe a few of you guys can visit us there!

    So keep up the music and join us on social media and the main blog.
    DJ Terry 42

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    Phil Morse

    As you say, new beginnings! Can’t thank you enough for the YEARS of work here, Terry x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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