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    Allan Murray

    I’ve been using this program for quite a while for things such as making simple music video’s and the odd DJ mix, but would like to start producing trance music with it like I did back in 2009/2010 on FL Studio.

    What are the instruments, and editing plugins like in terms of quality.

    Would i need to buy additonal plugins like i did when i was using FL Studio.

    Current Plugin’s I have are Refx Nexus and Rob Papen Albino.

    A lot of people have been on to me to purchase Sylenth.

    I also have the venegence soundpacks as well.

    How does the Ableton workflow compare to the workflow of FL Studio as i found FL Studio a breeze to learn back in the day but have hit a kinda block with Ableton in terms on using the arrangement view and the lack of a Step Sequencer.

    DJ Vintage

    I am not a producer, but I am wondering what your drive is to want to switch from software you know and for which you have a working workflow to something new?

    Clifford Anderson

    You can certainly make music without needing more VSTs, but you will probably want at least a few.

    Sylenth is certainly a popular standard (if getting a bit long in the tooth). The VSTs you want will depend very much on what kinds of sounds you want.

    One of the more powerful that you can get right now is “Serum,” which makes some seriously crunchy sounds, but is a bit complicated (but totally worth learning).

    Another of the popular standards that is starting to age a little bit (but still has a lot of usefulness left in it) is Massive from Native Instruments.

    You probably wouldn’t want/need both Serum and Massive… I would take Serum over Massive at this point, you can make some CRAZY good sounds with it if you spend the time to poke and prod at it long enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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