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    Been reading the forums for a while and read a lot of reviews on controllers/gear.

    I’m only a bedroom DJ but still enjoy making my own mixes. (I mix Trance)
    I’ve decided to go the CDJ route instead of controller after a lot of reading all over the web.

    Now I’m faced with 2 deals that I need some help deciding.

    Deal 1 – $700 (CAD)
    2 CDJ 800(mk1) and a DJM 500 mixer (in travel coffin)

    Deal 2 – ($700 CAD)
    2 CDJ 850

    The only reason I haven’t jumped on the first deal is the 800’s don’t have 6% tempo range.
    I don’t need the USB support or build in soundcard the 850 has.

    I know the DJM 500 can go for $500 CAD on its own.
    But my 2 main concerns for this deal are the age of the equipment, the 850’s are a lot newer.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    All Murray

    I would go for the XDJ-RX as you get the best of both worlds, i used to own the CDJ 850’s along with the CDJ 800 MK2’s before it, and there nothing special… I wouldn’t even recommend the flagship model CDJ 2000 nexus 2 due to a lack of being able to mix video without a laptop…


    It would be like investing in old versions of gear that (at least in our digital DJ’s eyes) is obsolete even in it’s most current incarnation.

    Also, most used Pioneer gear has led a hard life on the road or in a club. Either that or if they are/look good they are way more expensive.

    700 bucks will get you a number of very decent all-in-one controllers. And if you are just starting, I’d even start with a true starter controller. Couple of hundred dollars new or way less used. It would give you a chance to see how you like DJ-ing on a controller and if you decide t you like it you can then upgrade to a better controller and if you feel CDJs are the way to go for you won’t have spent the a fortune on the wrong gear.

    Buying on impulse and because something is priced very attractively is usually a bad move.

    Be sure to read up on our “recipe” for picking a controller. It is useful in this case as well.


    I have a hercules steel so this is something I know Ill be doing for a long time.
    I’ve done a fair bit of research so I know whats out there and what I might like in terms of a controller If I went that route.

    Reason I like the cdj’s is the big platter – I have a lot of music on cd’s so they will be used for that.

    No product has big jog wheels for under $1200, otherwise I would jump on that…..unless I missed something in my research.

    Peter Lindqvist

    If I got you right, you already have a controller and want a couple of CD-players to add for your CD’s. In that case I recommend getting a couple of CDJ-1000Mk3’s. At least in Sweden you get a pair in good condition for about £800 CAD. Most of the gear sold in Sweden are actually not worn out gear from clubs. Rather semi pro DJ’s who either stopped DJing or upgraded, and knowing the cost, they are usually well taken care of.

    The CDJ-1000Mk3 will be very close to a CDJ-2000 if you’re only going to use CD’s, and is far better build. You will appreciate the bigger wave form and the speed that the 1000Mk3’s read it. You can also save cue’s hot cues and loops on a SD-card. If you don’t need the wave forms, you can use mp3-files on CD. You can also adjust how heave/light you want the jog.

    I have owned the 800’s, 900’s and used quite a lot, the 850’s, and choose the 1000Mk3’s any day for CD’s. Still have mine and use them for practice now and then. Keeps me grounded and yet very similar to the newer high end models. It’s worth saving up another 100 buck or so to get them. The best is, that if you take care of them, you can probably sell them in a couple of years and get most of your money back, because they hold their value very well.


    I think it would be cheaper to digitize your music and use your controller.

    At CDJ prices you prolly can buy some stuff again and still be hundreds of bucks cheaper.

    And I disagree CDJs do not hold their value well, they will be like the Euro in a financial crisis as soon as the reality sinks in the heads… they dropped 30% last year alone… (the prices you see in sites are not always the prices they go for).

    For 700 bucks you could get hell of a controller and still have money to spare for converting your music to mp3…

    Peter Lindqvist

    We will have to agree to disagree here Terry_42 🙂 . Partly because it’s obviously differences between our countries when it comes to pricing and availability, but also because I value time equal to money. After buying CD’s for almost 20 years, I’ve spend countless hours ripping, renaming, converting and validating my music since 2009 and I’ve ripped and made backups of my most important CD’s long before that. Still have more than 2/3 to go through but I do manage… still find goodies every time I dig in. For me who, has DJing as an income, it makes perfect sense to rip as much as I need, but if it’s only a hobby, and time spend is more valuable behind the decks, then a couple of CDJ’s is a reasonable investment.

    This time atcwalker654@gmail.com clearly stated that it was the larger jogs he wanted for the job and a controller with that big sized jogs would be too expensive. About the pricing I can only refer to what I know is a fact here in Sweden. In one of the Swedish DJ forums on Fb this week there’s been one ad for 2 CDJ-1000MK3’s in condition as new, price equivalent to £450 GBP, and one ad for 4 1000Mk3’s in good full working order, priced at 59 GBP each, or 194 GBP for all 4. The first one’s are gone but the other ones are still available https://www.facebook.com/groups/472597932811212/permalink/1322746534463010/?sale_post_id=1322746534463010. Normal price for them is usually around £300-400 GBP for the pair. That has been the same for the last three years.

    Three years ago I got myself a setup, 1 DJM-800/2 CDJ-1000MK3/Case/Cables for £812 GBP. Newly serviced and new cue/play buttons on the players. I then added a Rane SL-1/Serato, £90 GBP, so now I can use it for all my CD’s and play new stuff from my laptop. A perfect backup solution for me and on the cheap side. 2 weeks of gigs and it was all paid. Profit every time since and will be as long as they work. I use the mixer with a couple of Nexuses as my travel kit, so the mixer has paid off really well with more than 100 gigs already. I realize not everyone play to primarily get paid, but to just have fun, but I think this gear hold it’s value very well if you already have the music in one digital format that works for you, for now.


    I am sorry Peter but I still disagree 🙂 I have been DJing 25+ years now and the last 6 I have to balance a day job with it. As a pro DJ in CD years you can imagine how many whitelabels I got sent from record companies (and some still do send me some).
    However I urge you to read through some of our library management tips.
    If you (like me) have tens of thousands of songs, yes making them all digital is bull and annoying and honestly I do not see the point. These are way too many songs to DJ with, hell even to re-listen in my lifetime. Of course there are the classics that you really really need to have, but they are what 200-300 songs tops?
    Then there are your favs, lets say another 100?
    To digitize those lets say 500 songs, can be done in a week tops, if you take 2 hours a day. The rest you can easily only do when you really need one and you can easily take 500-800 songs to your gig, which is more than any gigs length.
    I doubt you would take that many CD cases with you (the usual DJ takes 2 and rarely I saw guys bring 4).

    Even if you have CDs you still have to prepare a set for a gig right? (At least I hope you do, as you said you are a pro)
    In prep you can dig out of the songs you already digitized and the new songs you buy/get digitally already (nowadays all whitelabels come as download links) and if you really really neeed that one song, you can easily put that CD in and rip it just for the sake of having it with you.

    And you can do all of that on a 100 bucks used Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 which has better jogwheels than any old CDJ, big enough for any hand and actually with any DJ software (even DJ Intro) is more feature rich than current Nexus gear.

    Peter Lindqvist

    🙂 As i said, we will have to disagree on this one. Yes, I’m a total nerd and a tech freak when it comes to DJ gear. I definitely prepare my music more than most of my colleagues. Not so much each set, but that’s because i have the 13000 tracks I use, extremely well organized, and keep reorganizing to suite the needs I have for the moment. Sounds a lot? Well, I do everything from Rockabilly, Soul/Funk/disco and Top 40’s to EDM and House events, seldom shorter than 4 hours. I also work for Dj companies on very short notice where I often don’t know what to expect until I arrive 🙂 . Keeps it exiting and fun. Benefit after doing it for a long time.

    This weekend I decided to bring my digital collection of low beat up a notch, after being asked if I’m interested in playing just that in a new club once ‘n’ a while. Sure, why not, played a lot of that 99-2007. As a member of Pioneer’s CD Pool I got the Street Beat among others for many years, besides buying a lot of singles. I found 4 CD-singles that I wanted to rip and it shouldn’t have taken more than a few minutes. It took me an hour and a half! Why? They contained videos besides the music and apparently that’s not liked by ripping programs at all. To rip these four singles I ended up using 2 computers and three different programs. In my new computer with Windows 10, many of my older Music programs doesn’t work so I use I-tunes, which usually works perfect.

    Not this time. Computer hang and a complete restart required. I fired up my second work computer and booted in to Windows XP where I have my all time favorite program for ripping CD’s, Musicmatch Jukebox Plus. First two CD’s went well, but then the other two took ages and the result was full of errors and artifacts. Back to i-Tunes, and the third CD got through, but not the last one. Now, this is almost brand new CD’s, clean and no dust or finger prints. Back to XP and fired up an even older work horse, Audiograbber, and finally, all 4 CD’s ripped and ready to play. The singles were: Sean Paul – Temperature, Luniz – I got 5 on it, FloRida – Low and IYAZ – Replay.

    I work with computers and have several with dual OS’s. Still have access to most of my programs since +20 years and the hardware is rather updated. To me it’s not a question about finding the programs I need. They are all there for me to use, but this took forever anyway. If i had 4-500 singles to rip and this was the start of it, I’d probably stop right there and then. I know this certainly is an extrem situation but still not unusual. Hope someone at least got some tips and knowledge out of this and don’t give up too soon if problem occurs. Most CD’s are possible to rip, even well used ones, unless they’re broken.


    Well I work exclusively with Macs sind 1998, never had such problems, never had a single crash even when they got abused by festival techs… so I cannot comment on that one 🙂


    Sorry, forgot to mention I wanted this to go off topic, you guys done a good job 🙂

    The cdj’s are so iconic, Iv’e been sucked into pioneer by their alure.
    But so many dj’s all over the world cant be wrong right?
    If Coxie and Oakenfold use them well…..who am I too argue.

    I would like to get the DDJ-RZ but thats double my budget.

    Im just a little bedroom dj. I will be burning tracks to CD/RW then record my mixes to listen in the car.
    Im quite happy to Rinse and repeat this process.

    Been watching DJsounds Show and im more than convinced the cdj’s are for me.


    I am sorry but you fell for bullshit.

    Oakenfold is heavily sponsored by Pioneer and he only uses the CDJs for show and for his backing functions, he has tons more gear on stage. Those DJs just use it, because they are payed to do so and most their performances are staged anyways… and if they play live the use Nexus CDJs as Software controllers (for which purpose they are much too expensive and any DDJ would do a better job at… but nobody bites the hand that feeds em, so people like you buy into that bull***)

    Now for example this is outdated controller hardware you can get for 300 bucks used, try this on any CDJ…

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