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    Hey guys,

    Great website and forum, long time reader!

    I have been DJ-ing for 5 years now, and have travelled around a lot, and played over 100 gigs around the world. All thanks to the tips I read on this website

    The past 6 months I have moved to a new city, where I know no one.

    I have read all the DigitalDJTips.com guides to getting a gig in a new city etc. This has worked in other cities that I’ve lived in.

    But no one in my new city is giving me a chance.

    I’ve personally met and chatted with every bar and club manager in my new city, and given them my soundcloud, instragram, Facebook, mixtapes etc. Supported their nights, followed them on social media, handed out business cards, asked to create new nights, made mixtape specifically for their venue/nights. You name it.

    But no one is willing to let me even play for free during 5-8pm Happy Hours on weekdays before the resident DJs start there gigs.

    I get stuff like “we don’t want DJ music during Happy Hour” (despite the fact that they are blasting out generic youtube tropical house mixes) – or “i don’t use social media, here write down your mixtape address on this piece of reciept paper with a broken pencil. The resident DJs won’t even talk to me: “I’m busy DJing”. It’s been a lousy 6 months.

    This is incredibly frustrating, and I’m about to give up and sell all my gear.

    Anything experience anything similar to this? How/Did you overcome this?


    Rick Dawson

    start your own night but in another venue yourself?
    (not sure on the legal side of things though)
    maybe consider live broadcasting online, to relieve your frustration.
    eg. Mixify.com twitch.tv chew.tv

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    DJ Vintage

    Yes, that sucks.

    However, we all know the road to success is never without adversity. It’s not what happens to you in life, but how you deal with it that determines the outcome.

    Successful people not only find a way to deal with the things life throws at them, but they are also creative and flexible enough to change direction, if only temporarily, to keep going in the general direction of where they want to go.

    Having a clear (and preferably SMART formulated) goal helps tremendously too.

    Rick already gave a few good alternatives, another thing is that while you are somewhat stationary now and not very busy actually playing out, you could try your hand at producing (if you don’t already) for example, or remixing.

    The narrow your own definition of success, the harder it will be to feel successful.

    Just my 3 cents (inflation hit here too).


    Thanks Rick, I’ll look into online broadcasting, I never considered that, it sounds fun!

    Sounds like wise words DJ Vintage! Thanks for the motivation – I have a new SMART Goal (to get 500 instagram followers by May) and I’m releasing 15 second videos of my mashups on there everyday the past few weeks.

    I’ll focus on this aspect for now…

    By the way, I am moving countries in May for 1 year, so hopefully things will look up. Fresh start I guess 🙂

    I’m going to tweak my approach to getting gigs in the new country – perhaps by not letting on that I am a DJ, and just supporting the local DJs for a few months while I work on my instagram?

    All Murray

    I would go mobile if I were you, once I realized club djing and everything but goes with it wasnt for me, i went mobile and havent looked back. When you said “The resident DJs won’t even talk to me: “I’m busy DJing” A lot around my way are just like that, trust me there not worth bothering with. Also with mobile DJ’ing you dont really need any form of social media bar maybe you’re facebook page as you can advertise on craigslist or create you’re own website.

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