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    Cool Man

    I want to know what to say to these speakers(name) <a href="http://speakers ht 1000” /> and will they can used to play dj

    Cool Man

    xpod ht 1000

    DJ Vintage

    I would like to refer you to other posts on this subject. My personal opinion is that speakers of this kind are a waste of money. They offer things you don’t need (graphic EQ, BT and even a mixer) and have a price that is such that it is impossible to buy quality components, design a good casing and build it for that money and still have good, dependable quality sound come out of them.

    I call these kind of speakers “kid bedroom” speakers. It’s what a 12-yr old would want for his bedroom and be all WOW about. Put them up in a room to play for other people and it will be a big disappointment.

    My comments are general for a big variety of this kind of speaker, not this one in particular as I haven’t personally heard it.

    General suggestions on PA:
    1) Buy a good brand (always)
    2) Buy only if you use (rent them out) enough times to make your money back, otherwise just rent
    3) In PA the golden rule is “you get what you pay for”. If you pay low budget, you get low budget quality (both in build, sound, design and component)
    4) You are better off buying used quality speakers than new low budget ones like these

    Cool Man

    So these speakers are active speakers? Could you tell me that how i can i build my system with active speakers and do i need to connect them to a mixer or i can play them by connecting them to a laptop?
    And which is a better system active or passive speakers?

    DJ Vintage

    Active is generally better in that you don’t need a separate amplifier (another box to carry around). Looking at the pictures I guess this is an active system, with one speaker with all the electronics and amp built-in and the other passive, powered from the first speaker.

    Connecting is from a mixer, controller or laptop. Depending on what connection types are available, you will need the right cables. And in some cases you may have to stay close to the speakers.

    Todd Oddity

    Giant red flag #1 that these aren’t meant to be used by anyone who actually knows what they are doing…

    The way that “mixer” on the top is configured, you’d have to stand directly IN FRONT of the speaker to use it – killing the acoustics!

    But I digress. As Vintage said, these are more of a flashy toy for children than anything meant to be used out and about.

    Allan Murray

    I agree with Vintage on this, you get what you pay for when it comes to all form of DJ gear, whether it be controllers, speakers, or lighting.

    The speakers you mentioned will do the job for a beginner DJ playing in his or/her bedroom or at the very most small house parties.

    They are woefully inadequate for mobile work.

    As much as they are a premiem brand, I would recommend taking a look at RCF ART series, if you can find a decent second hand pair of the ART 312a’s then you’ll get a good quality audio system that you can use without a sub just starting off.

    When I first started, i lost count on the amount of money I wasted buying the wrong type of speakers for the DJ’ing i wanted to do.

    I remember my first speakers being one’s similar to this, and thinking that they would do the job, along with the 100 watt PA package i bought after it once I realised I had thrown money away, both weren’t up to the job.

    It wasn’t until I purchased a pair of DB Tech Cromo 12’s that i realised i had nailed it on the head.

    My advice would be to look for a pair of used RCF active speakers.

    Cool Man

    thanks guys for your support
    can u tell me difference between sp 2 and sp 4

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