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    Brian Wolk

    Hi all,

    Still new to the scene. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to get started DJing or not, so a friend lent me his Vestax Typhoon and I’m having a lot of fun with it! So now I want to get my own controller…

    The choice I want to make is between the Numark Mixtrack 3 Pro and the Pioneer DDJ-SB2.

    I am still learning controllers, software, etc so I’m not sure what is important in a controller. I know both are strong choices, but it seems the Mixtrack has a strength in its full size pitch sliders. Are these really important? The DDJ-SB2 also has a huge strength in trim controls, which the Mixtrack Pro does not.

    Which is more important: Full size tempo sliders or trim control? I think the answer must be trim control because tempo can be adjusted in other ways as far as I know.

    I need advice from experienced DJs. Thanks!!


    Honestly: It depends. I love long pitch faders as I tend to do a lot of tempo adjust on the fly, nudging etc.
    On the other hand, trim/gain is also nice, since I do not trust auto-gain all the time.

    So in the end it comes to personal preference, at your stage I would say: go with your gut feeling, it will prolly be OK for you. Both controllers are really good choices.

    Dj JazzyPete

    Both are good . Check out the Denon MC 2000 as well . Lot will depend on what software you feel comfortable with . Tracktor , Serato and VDj I have used . All good in different ways I personally love Serato .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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