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    Hello to everyone!
    First of all sorry for my bad english.

    As i already tell to you into my introduction post here, (http://www.digitaldjtips.com/topic/hello-from-italy/) i’m selling all my old stuffs (mixer, turntables ecc.ecc.) to start again a new “DJ Life”.
    In short, i’m selling all for various reasons:

    -After 12 years of only turntables and simple analogic mixer i feel i little bit tired.
    -I have no more space for new vinyls in my house.
    -I have not so much money so the vinyls start to be too much expensive (10 Euros fo 1 song…)

    Ok, the best solution could be to add some new instrument to my current equipement but sadly i do not have money to do this. So to gain space in my house and to be able to buy somthing new i decide to sell everythig for a total of 1300 Euros.

    So what i want now? I’m here to have suggestions about that, and in these days i started to got an idea, from internet and the forum, of what i need .
    Basically i want something that allow me to try new and original mixes without losing the abilty to perform the old-style mixes. Some points for my decisions are:

    -i want the effects
    -i want to be able to easily record my session for a later listening
    -I want to try the new technologies as loops and other real-time track editing functions
    -I’m not so convinced to use a PC/MAC

    My first Idea was to buy a Pioneer DJM 350 mated with 2 CDJ 350. The recording function was very appealing, however i soon realized that the effects on the mixer were only on the master output (really???). So i changed to XONE23c mixer, ok just one effect but it is stil good and it has the possibility to record on the PC because it has an internal audio device. I was buying this configuration when i discovered the XDJ 700. They have a lot of function (and also effects) that the CDJ 350 does not have and so i decided to completely leave the idea to use CDs and CD player (honestly they are slowly dying).

    Ok so welcome to me to the new era of USB support devices!!! The XDJ 700 are really good but i do not like 2 things:
    -a lot of functions are on the touch-display (for example the hot cue and part or the loop buttons)
    -the jog are small and they do not have the led inside
    However 2 xdj 700 plus a XONE 23c it will cost more ore less 1700 euros.

    Next i discovered the XDJ RX that basically has all the things i really want. Effects, hot cues and loops functions, bigger jog with leds, record function with trackmark (the same of the DJM 350), and most of all PHISICAL buttons for everything (no touch display buttons that i hate!!!). When i see it for the first time i thinked that it was a controller and so i never give attenction to it. Now i discover that it is not a controller et all but it is somthing like 2 XDJ 700 melted together with a DJM 450. So it has a REAL MIXER inside (not a MIDI one) with 2 XDJs. Moreover i can link from external some other stuff as new turntables (to play my old vinyls) or cdjs o drum machines and it has also professional output (with a dedicated booth output). It seems that the XDJ rx is my best choice however i do not understand why it cost “only” 1500 Euros compared to the previous configuration with the XDJS (1700 euros)? There is something i do not see???

    After the XDJ RX i also started to consider the controllers together with dijing software. I want to remain in Pioneer stuffs, also because i can easily sell Pioneer instruments in the future and also because i want to use rekordbox (i never used it and i never used a dj software, but the idea that my elaborated song will be compatible with all the other Pioneer stuffs it is sufficient to chose rekordbox for me). Basing on this i was evaluating the DDJ RX and the DDJ RZ. Ok it seems that this two instruments are more or less the same, but they have different costs. However, i used to have a big consolle (turntable plus big mixer plus cdj and so on) and so i really feel the DDJ RX as a small toy, and i also discoveres that the jogs of DDJ RX are the smallest among XDJ RX and XDJ 700. On the other hand i like the bigger jogs of DDJ RZ but it really worth its price?

    So finally please, help me to coming out form this situation and finally decide what can be good for me !

    Thank you very much!

    PS: one more thing:
    I have a MAC BOOK PRO Retina that i use for work with the following characteristics:

    MAC OS X 10.12.3
    Mac Book Pro 10.2,
    Intel Core i5 @ 2,50 GHz,
    8 Gb RAM

    It could be good to run Rekord box in performance mode? (or to handle DVS system in the future)?


    Don’t think there is anything you’re missing about the XDJ-RX. I’d definitely get it over DJM x XDJ-700 combo. Separate media players and mixer just tends to be more expensive than all-in-one solutions. Btw it works as controller too for Rekordbox and Virtual DJ. I think there are some Traktor mappings too (altho XDJ-RX is strong as standalone system, not as controller…)

    Imo RZ is just not worth the price and RX is definitely not a toy 🙂 Just quickly looking at both and comparing the price RX would be my choice but if you want the bigger platters.. well I can’t say nothing against that!

    Your mac is definitely capable of running Rekordbox DJ just fine. DVS, not too sure. Sure it works with it but does it works perfectly? I dunno.

    Hope this helped even a lil bit! 🙂 Have fun choosing!

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    I think your reason and rationale sound perfectly fine. I too am going to embark on selling off my vinyl collection after my wife and I move into a house. I just have too much convenience with my digital files, and I figure there’s got to be vinyl lovers who could make a better home for those discs…rather than they collect dust.


    Thank you all for the suggestion… The problem is that on one side the XDJ RX represent the “logical” upgrade of my old consolle composed only by vinyls, because basically it resemble the standard way o mixing with some special functions added.

    On the other side the DDJ RX (or RZ) open the word to the new way of controllerism and have also a real mixer inside.

    I’m really struggling into this decision. Sadly here in my city i cant try neither the XDJ or DDJ stuffs and moreover i cant also see the instrument “live” because no one shop have them.

    Some suggestion maybe by people that own the XDJ RX or the DDJ RX could be appreciated :D!


    Pretty much it comes down to wanting to have the full power of a laptop and full DJ software work for you or having a (relatively) simple stand-alone option of the XDJ-RX.

    The XDJ-RX can just as easily be used as a controller for DJ software as well, so you can still try all that out if you like. The thing that wouldn’t appeal to me if you plan on doing a lot of on-the-fly editing is that the performance pads on the XDJ-RX are only 4 instead of the usual 8 and not sure they are multi-color.

    More important is that you have good thoughts, but don’t really know yet. My suggestion would be to look at a relatively starter controller to use with a laptop. DJ software will allow you to record your sessions, so no need for that to be integrated into the unit. You can even consider a used unit. That way you spend relatively little money (if you have a usable laptop already of course!) and you can get used to the possibilities of digital DJ-ing and find out what is the way you like to work best and then, armed with this knowledge you can move and buy the bigger/better controller that is a best fit for you.

    I would also suggest checking out the How To Digital DJ Fast course. It will quickly teach you what you can do with a controller and how to practice the most efficient way.

    If you go for the R-series of DDJ products, you commmit to using RekordBox DJ software. Personally I think you are not ready to decide what software might be best for you, so buying a controller that is tied to only one software might not be the smartest option.

    Just my 3 cents as usual

    DJ Tucker

    I use a Denon DJ DN-X600 with external effects along with a Korg kp+. It’s a dream setup that I can use with any combination of DVS timecode and single-deck jog wheel controllers. .


    Thank you for the answers.

    @DJ Vintage
    I understand your logic about buying something used and low budget and then upgrade with something more professional after some experience. However i’m not really this type of person. I already done this path one time and finally i spent more money then if i immediately went to professional equipments. Moreover i djing for over 15 years, even if controllers it is something new to me i want something that is interesting to study and challenging to learn. However i also understand that buy an DDJ RZ without any experience in controllers word could be not the right choice. Probably i will go with the DDJ RX to give it a try and then, maybe after 2-3 years i will upgrade to something more.

    Considering the software, i know that go with rekordbox is not the smartest decision, however for me it is very appealing the idea to mantain my compatibility of the analyzed songs also on the other PIONEER gears. However another good option could be the DDJ SX2 that is compatible with both, rekordbox and Serato.

    Finally the XDJ RX is more attractive in comparison with the DDJ series, because resemble more a standard cdj + mixer options. However i really want to explore the new possibilities offered by the controllers so i think i will go for one of these (a controller) also because i already have a MAC Book Pro that is able to run the software.

    But as always, any suggestion will be taken into account.


    I would really check out the MCX8000 by Denon. I know you seem fixed on Pioneer, however this for me is the perfect mix of all possibilities of Serato unlocked, plus standalone capabilities. (and Paul Oakenfold agrees hehe)


    Thankyou to all your suggestions!
    I’m writing to inform you that finally i bought the following:

    1x Pioneer DDJ RX.
    1x Reloop RP 7000 (Black).

    Io hope to have good feeling with my first controller ever.
    I finally choose the DDJ RX instead of XDJ RX because i thought that if a wanted to change and try new things the perfomance pad and the sampler (with sequencer) of the DDJ RX are more suitable for this. So i lunch myself in this new world, even if i also bought a new turntable because i cannot tear away myself from vinyls.

    So lets start this new adventure!

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