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    Phill Renyard

    After reading the recent guest article about excesses in drink & drugs when DJing I thought I’d throw out a question for everybody; I’m sure the majority of us on here try to be responsible in drinking etc during gigs… But what other ways do you get yourself into the partying mindset? I’m thinking specifically about arriving at a club at the beginning of the night when there is nobody there when you yourself are expected to “bring the party energy”…

    DJ Vintage

    Truly? The music does it for me. I start the tunes and start moving. Can’t help myself. And the more people are enjoying themselves the more I start enjoying myself. I have been caught in an empty club dancing like mad in the booth to a newly discovered track.


    Same here. I play some tunes I love for “soundcheck” and I am in the mood.

    I also drink only water and coffee during gigs and the first sip of alcohol only when I am done for the night. Most of the time this will be a single drink before I leave with the manager, crew or some guests I know.


    Not so much a “partying mindset” as such, but recording your mixes on a little portable recorder (or software) I’ve found makes me “bother” a bit more about what I’m up to in an empty club, when sometimes you are tempted to get a bit lazy. Kind of puts a bit of pressure on, especially if you you record the whole night with other DJs too and share it with them after (which is why I prefer the recorder) as you know other people are going to listen to it at some point.
    Also regarding the time as a practice session and experimenting with different techniques or effects that you might not “risk” during peak times is another way to go too.

    Finally “bringing the party energy” is not always the appropriate thing to do – the supporting, slow build-up set seems to be a bit of a forgotten art these days… people used to even specialize in playing warm-up sets of excellent often multi genre music that wasn’t party music at all as a kind of foundation for the rest of the night.


    Music and people are the only requirements.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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