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    Silvercue Master

    Hi everyone,

    I have been reading here for a while, but could not join due to a technical issue with the forum, which I assume is why it has been upgraded – so thanks for everyone who has worked hard on that.

    I live in the South of England and I am new to Digital Djing, here is a quick history:

    Quite a few years back I used to DJ clubs, free parties and all that Jazz (although I didn’t play any Jazz!) but those days passed and my 1210s gathered dust until I eventually gave them to someone who would get some use from them. Recently I decided to get back into it for fun at home, but was stopped in my tracks by the prices of 1210s on ebay, so had to rethink my strategy.

    I looked around (including here) and decided CD and Vinyl was not my best option and I got a Numark Mixtrack Pro II using Serato DJ. I love it….absolutely love it (I didn’t know what to expect – I didn’t even know you had synch buttons (another debate).

    My library is very small still, but working on that.

    I joined soundcloud, which seems a wonderful tool and am trying to find the best sources of music.

    I have put 3 mixes up on Soundcloud, 2 progressive house and one house. There was another, which was taken down at the request of skint records as they didn’t like me using a track, which suprised me and also was a bit annoying as that mix had 3 times the attention of all my others put together! But I will respect copyright rules.

    I am looking forward to this community – to listen, learn, share and hopefully contribute.

    Anyway, in case anyone is interested my Soundcloud page is:

    My twitter is:

    Phil Morse

    Hello! The fact that we had 100s of readers who simply couldn’t register is indeed one of the reasons we have made a switch. Thanks for bearing with us, and welcome! PS Post the Skint mix on Mixcloud?


    Hi and welcome to the new forum. Glad you could make it 🙂

    Silvercue Master

    Thanks for the welcome both – and thanks Phil for taking the time to reply to my emails when I first started trying to join the forum, I did appreciate that and it certainly helped convince me this was the right forum to join, even if I had to wait.

    Regarding putting the mix on mixcloud – I did set up an account on mixcloud and mixcrate as well as soundcloud, but they all feel like they are trying to do something slightly different to me. Soundcloud seems easier to get people who don’t know you to have a listen.

    Anyway, I did put that mix on there, but I just re-mixed it for soundcloud anyway with the offending track removed, which is actually quite good as it was a bit different from the theme of the mix and I only put it on there as my partner and friends all liked it while we were on holiday in France this year…..they are not really that into the other stuff i play!!!!
    The remixed version is called Bleet Sheep Crave Repeat – which was a little joke, I am sure some can guess which song it was I they didn’t want me to use. 🙂

    Anyway – very happy to be here at last!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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