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    Dj Lynn

    Hey everyone! a complete newb is here, my name is Anthony and I just started to dive into the world of mixes and electronic music. I got myself a little “Numark Party Mix” just to see if its for me and so far so good!
    A little bit about me, I’m a musician, been studying composition for the past 4 years along with Piano and vocals until a recent injury had made me consider other possible streams of income.

    I actually managed to talk to a friend who holds a small neighborhood bar in town so that I could play a set there, but he requested that I would send him an example of my music, I am completely clueless about it and so I wanted to ask – What music would sound best in such a venue ? how should I build up my set in the first place (I figured start with hip hop and slowly ramp up to 126 bpm, bear in mind that they play a lot of indie and other electronic artists like Alt J, Massive Attack and such) and am I supposed to send him the whole set or just an example?

    Thanks for having me here!


    Hi Anthony, welcome to the forums. Thanks for the introduction.

    You ask some good questions that are not answered easily. DJ-ing at it’s very core is about “knowing what comes next”. And that is something that comes from deep knowledge of your collection (keeping it very tight, no need to fall in the “let’s collect any and all music I can get my hands on”-trap) and a very broad knowledge of what is out there (and preferably what has been out there that was successful).

    Gear, technology and technical DJ skills come in distant 2nd.

    As for how to make a good tape, you might want to invest in the Mixtape Pro Formula course that teaches you all you need to know to turn out good mixtapes.

    As for the duration, most people don’t have time to listen to lengthy tapes. So, make a relatively short tape, showing a few tracks mixed into others that give an impression of the kind of music you think would be appropriate at this venue.

    Good luck and enjoy your time here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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