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    Ok so I got just about everything I’ve planned for a starter Mobil DJ rig

    Europower 4000 amp
    Passive dual 15 Seismic Audio cabinets
    Rockville rbg15s powered subwoofer
    Gigbar 2.0
    FFE Sonic Maximizer
    Pyle pro power conditioner (on a rack)
    fog machine

    Can I connect the Europower 4000 to the power conditioner on my rack with other stuff like the Sonic Maximizer, my laptop, and the ddj sx? And perhaps the Gigbar 2.0 lights, fog machine, and the subwoofer on another power strip? I’m not quite sure how to divide the power.


    Isaiah Furrow

    I use powered speakers, but I would always recommend keeping the sound system components on a single circuit.
    Any time I’ve used more than one outlet to power my setup I always end up with ground hum…
    I would try to use a high quality 12 gauge extension and go from the power conditioner to the sub…
    If it were me setting up this gear, I’d try to use the power conditioner for the laptop, SX, Maximizer, Amp, and Sub… keeping all of the audio together to keep ground paths as short as possible between all of the components…
    Then you could run the lights, fog machine, and anything else off of another power source. My lights are all LED and I’ve had no problems running them off of the same outlet pair as the rest of my system… BUT, I usually try to run my fog machine off of a separate outlet, and even a separate circuit where possible…
    Hope this helps, and I’m sure others will chime in with input, others who likely have much more knowledge and experience than myself… Best of luck to ya…


    DJ Tucker

    Buy a Furman PST-8D (or two) and thank me later.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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