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    Matt Prince


    My current setup..

    Mac Mini i7
    Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller
    Rekordbox DJ

    I have seen the new Mixed in Key 8 and was wondering if this offers any advantage over Rekordbox’s built in key detection?

    I am planning on going from this controller to CDJ’s at some point so would want it all working with them.

    One thing I do like in MIK is that you have the wheel to reference from and also you can check the energy of the songs and build the playlist up accordingly.



    Well MIK has more accurate key detection. Still no software is perfect, but MIK has an edge over Rekordbox and Serato in that regard. Also it can easily check the energy levels which is OKish and you can auto-tag mp3 tags easily.
    Hence I like MIK a lot.

    Also: The DDJ-RB + Rekordbox DJ is lightyears more advanced than any CDJ in production, so unless you want to downgrade or go back in time we discourage you to switch to CDJs from this setup. However the crappy displays in the overpriced CDJ2000 Nexus and Nexus2 will display key info that is in the mp3 key tag if setup correctly. So prolly wont work 50% of the time.

    All Murray

    Terry is correct on this, going from a controller + software set up to CDJ’s, even the flagship models is a considerable downgrade.

    I left the CDJ scene over a year ago, as good as my old CDJ 850’s were, i wasn’t long trading them in for the XDJ RX which now also comes with rekordbox dj…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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