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    Marvin The Martian


    Im never used a Mixed in Key and Platinum Notes software, now im thinking to buy some (or both). So, a few questions

    1) Can i rename the file itself in Mixed in Key? In MediaMonkey I can choose a template and rename multiple files by one click.
    2) Is it worth to buy Platinum notes? I am using mp3Gain now and its quite good for me. MediMonkey also have a music level function.
    3) That “Energy” in Mixed in Key – true or false? Or this is just a marketing? =)



    DJ Vintage

    1) MiK is not an MP3 tagging and renaming software, although the latest version does have some tagging features I don’t think it let’s you batch rename tracks. MP3Tag and Tag&Rename are some of the programs that can do that quite well.
    2) PN is wonderful software in my opinion. Not only does it fix the gain but some other things as well. The gain fixing is way different from MP3Gain or built-in MediaMonkey ways of controlling gain and, imho, much better.
    3) Energy is hard, some people like it, others ignore it. I think the idea is good, but it would be nice to have a “learning” option where you can teach the software how you rate energy. Also new things like this usually need some time to come to adulthood.


    Marvin The Martian

    Thanks a lot. However, not quite understand all that noise around Mixed in Key – 1) every DJ software is able to determine the key 2) there is a free software to do this. And you still need a tag editor or something…Ive tried a demo version….For me it looks like just a good marketing….


    DJ Vintage

    Look at the tests done by our colleagues over at DJ Tech Tools.

    You will see MiK is clearly in the lead (over 85% correct) with others slowly catching up (70% for Serato and RekordBox DJ) and the one free program (Keyfinder) at 65%. While 70% sounds fine, it still means 3 out of 10 are wrong. And for VDJ and Traktor Pro (41% and 47% respectively) it means that more than HALF of the results are incorrect which, imho, makes their key detection utterly useless.

    Personally, not being a musician at all and having to rely on software for this, if I want to do harmonic mixing I want to get as close to perfect as possible and MiK has always been the frontrunner here.

    At the end of the day “trust your ears” still rules the day. If it sounds good it works, if it doesn’t sound good it won’t work, no matter how harmonically in tune.

    Again, the latest version of MiK does have tag options and they are pretty nice, just not as extensive when it comes to batch rename and things.

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